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Screen Entertainment
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Ray Peschke
Laura Nativo
Ike Gingrich
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"Aquanoids" is an ultra-low budget, shot on video affair from the U.S. based Wild Cat Productions; it's now released by the U.K.'s Screen Entertainment, in a bare-bones DVD edition. Think Troma, and you get some idea of what to expect from this Blood, Boobs & Sand spoof on water-related monster movies. We're not talking Oscar winning material here that's for sure, but if you like the Troma style then you might well like this. If you don't, you almost certainly won't - I can't put it fairer than that!

The film takes place sixteen years after a small Californian seaside town was terrorised by monstrous sea creatures called Aquanoids - who caused a number of gruesome deaths among unsuspecting holidaymakers and swimmers. Young beach babe Vanessa (Laura Nativo) believes she catches sight of one of the creatures while out diving, and rushes to tell the town's Mayor that he should immediately close the beaches since the creatures are evidently back. Unfortunately, the corrupt Mayor is in league with a dastardly local businessman and the two have a property development plan which will be jeopardised if people think that a race of flesh-eating creatures are on the lose in the area! Instead of warning people and closing the beaches they plot to have Vanessa killed!

Meanwhile the bikini-clad heroine launches a campaign to warn people of the impending threat with the help of her best friend and a local man who witnessed an Aquanoid killing in the bay sixteen years previously. But they are too late to thwart the creatures' reign of terror restarting; soon the three realise they must deal with the Aquanoids single-handedly, while also avoiding the ruthless Mayor and his evil business partner.

The film's plot is a hodgepodge of elements from all sorts of killer marine creature features, with the most obvious references being "Jaws" and "Piranha". There is also a reference to "Alien" and it's cheapo British rip-off "Inseminoid" in a scene where a woman is impregnated by one of the creatures, and gives bloody birth to an Aquanoid baby! With it's cheap, shot on video look, the film can't afford to take it's self too seriously, so a knowing, ironic Troma-style humour is used to mask the obvious deficiencies in script, acting, and special effects, etc. The performances are deliberately overstated in a parody of b-movie bad acting, and the special effects are cartonishly gory with gloopy blood flying everywhere in the numerous death scenes. The cast is sufficiently well padded with bikini-babes and their pneumatically enhanced assets to hold the viewers' attention throughout the rather brief, seventy minute running time. This isn't great art then: you get lots of girls in (and out) of bikini's, lots of bad taste blood and gore, and lots of bad humour; so crack open a beer and settle back for an undemanding, b-movie splatterfest (and don't forget the girls in bikinis)!

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