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Don't Feed the Dead
Release Date: 
Mondo Macabro
Aspect Ratio: 
Directed by: 
Wrye Martin
Barry Poltermann
Norman Moses
Tina Ona Paukstelis
John Kishline
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If I can remember correctly, and believe me, that's an effort altogether, my last vampire review was a favorable one for Dracula: Ascension. Looks like we're on a roll kiddies, because I found another gold tooth amidst the sea of decaying fangs. Aswang, translated, is Phillipino for vampire. However, as we come to find out, this is no ordinary vampire my friends. This vampire is actually a creature that should be working street corners, not doing B movies. The Aswang apparently has an oral organ that can grow up to 60 ft. in length, which is then used to suck the unborn fetus out of an unwilling mommy's womb. Sounds yummy, huh?

So our story places a young girl, Katrina, in a very precarious situation. Apparently, Katrina has decided to become a surragate mother for the Nulls, a rich family that owns a ton of land which used to be a very profitable orchard. In some strange twist of fate that goes unexplained, Peter Null decides to bring Katrina to meet his mother, the proprietor of the estate in which he is to inherit. Posing as Peter's real wife, Katrina, now very pregnant, is to have the baby at the estate, which will be delivered by the family's Phillipino slave/midwife, Cupid. Unbeknownst to Katrina, the Null family has a very dark secret, which begins with Peter's warning of Katrina not to contact his sister Claire, who lives in a dirty ol' shack behind the family mansion. He claims that she is "touched" and can become hostile at any moment.

All the while we're being introduced to the wacky Null clan, we're also taken on a voyeuristic journey of Dr. Harper, who seems to be finding a plethora of baby cadavers, wrapped in a mysterious web. He just so happens to be renting the cabin down the road from the Null estate, and his snooping has the Nulls a bit concerned. So what do Aswang (spoiler) do when they are threatened? They send out crazy Claire to "Null"ify the good Dr. with her 60 foot long oral penetrator apparatus. In a bloody scene we see the good doctor have his throat pierced by the lengthy organ. He is then coccooned by Claire and his skin begins to melt under the webbing in a very graphic and disturbing way. Think of the chocolate lining on yer christmas cocoa, and how it separates when you take little sips. Yes, that would be the good Doctor's demise.

Anyways, at the night's end, Katrina is asleep in her bed while Peter and Cupid prepae mother for her feeding. What? You haven't caught on by now?! The only reason why Peter has brought the pregnant Katrina to the estate is to have his mommy feed on Katrina's unborn baby. So in a scene that makes me want to burn my copy of "The Miracle of Life", Ma Null sits in the attic, dispatches her creepy oral snake, and slips Katrina the high hard one in an effort to snack on her fetus. Mmmmmmmmmmm..........

Besides the grossouts mentioned in this synopsis, there are plenty of other gore spots that are wholeheartedly worthy of notice. Katrina's epic handcuff escape, her encounter with Claire, an oh yes, Ma Null's unfortunate tongue-in-pussy demise. This movie should not be watched while eating tomato soup or haggus, the latter you deserve what you get.

The acting was actually pretty decent, with Tina Paukstelis putting in a solid effort as Katrina. Peter Null (Moses) reminded me too much of Corbin Bernsen from Major League, so his act got tired after a while. What really impressed me however, was the amount of special features crammed onto this tiny B flick. You had your standard audio commentary and scene selection, but Aswang goes the full nine yards with the theatrical trailer, "lost" scenes, original audition tapes, the fundraising trailer and a gallery of movie stills and poster pics. All in all, I'd say that Mondo Macabre put out a solid release with a movie that should have been released a long, long time ago. Eat your heart (or uterus) out, Wes Craven.

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