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Bound by Desire Act 3

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Smash Pictures
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Jim Powers
Chanel Preston
Allie Haze
Allie Haze
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Last year I reviewed the first and second installments of BOUND BY DESIRE, the exploratory porno story of two women named Casey and Allie who became involved with a couple of rich, well do to young men who were into S+M play as part of a committed (partner sharing) relationship. Well at long last we have reached the final episode in their journey.  I know you are probably wondering if our two good friends finally beat the bondage and discipline scene or if it just got them beat, and by that I mean “spanked” as part of another full penetration bondage scenario during this volumes expected, two hour running time.  Let us now take a look the final volume of the BOUND BY DESIRE series: ACT III: A PROPERTY OF LOVE, and see for ourselves if this is worth “owning” in the first place.

When the film starts Casey Calvert is meeting with one her dear friends (we have never seen before), “Natasha” (Nice) and trying to introduce her into the life, giving her as a gift of sorts to her husband, Richie. This may strike the audience as most curious, because all previous installments of the series seemed to be based on the friendship between “Casey” And Allie”, two best friends who enjoyed various levels of involvement in the S+M lifestyle that came across as a kind of pornographic retelling of the old Aesop’s Fable of “The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse”. Of course Casey can still have other friends. And in the next scene her husband has her too…perhaps finally answering that old adage: “What are friends for?” with the sense of final carnal starkness as only depictions of hardcore pornography that leaves nothing open for interpretation afterward.

Similarly, the final film of the trilogy is the quintessential definition of a “hot mess”.  And while every lash falls across its expected ass as technically every firm tab meets every greased slot and everything looks great onscreen, the underlying plot as we knew it has previously been abandoned, and you are wise to forget everything I have said about the previous two films, because they are no longer relevant, whatsoever.  Trying to explain all the bizarre changes in this series this installment brings would be an entertaining dissertation but I will try and limit myself to a few of the more amusing film foibles.  While no one expects a film based on “heat of passion” sexual choices to be thought through in every way, every now and then it would be nice to see them make sense according to the laws of moviemaking.

One problem is that this film is absolutely filled with ringers; new characters, except for the four principals: “Allie, Teal, Richie and Casey. The rest of the cast has been entirely replaced with new characters that fulfill no other role in the story than to have sex with one of the main four fetishists, always, because that’s something that their partner requests of them.  Of course the characters aren’t just thrown into the mix, they are usually first introduced by depicting them in a character establishing sex scene with still some other introduced person that we have never seen before.  The end result of this? Half of the film involves sex scenes between new characters we have never seen before or will again.  And then again, in all fairness, that is not entirely unwatchable, either. Famed porn alumni Julia Ann, makes an appearance and while she looks positively and strikingly attractive for her age, she is most best known these days not by the literally hundreds of adult films she has starred in over the years, but as the current television spokeswoman for a dating service for middle aged single females.  Seriously, if you can watch the entire scene where she sexually accosts her twentysomething, male, leather mask wearing S+M gimp submissive and not once instinctively sing the repetitive chorus to the goofy “Cougar Life” commercial jingle aloud, you are a better, much more serious reviewer of adult film than I will ever be and I should probably give this job to you at once for the sake of basic solemn propriety and respect for the craft.

Finally, and perhaps a little disappointing, there is no ultimate resolution between Casey and Allie as to whether or not they will stay in the life or leave it.  I don’t suppose it should come as a shock, for the entire series these two “good friends” never appeared in the same room together and spent their entire relationship talking to each other on the phone, (or usually about each other…to themselves), each wondering what the other, might ultimately do…as a series of self-absorbed soliloquies.  In fact, by the end of this it became almost difficult to tell them apart, at least between the once distinctively different characters they were playing.  Of course, by this I am saying that while I fully know that “Casey” Calvert was the dedicated slave; the girl who was down with everything meanwhile “Allie” Haze was the timid romantic who, came to enjoy her boyfriend’s “unconventional” touch in bed, I am fully admitting that it would be impossible to tell their personalities apart by their respective scenes if you were to watch them with the music and dialogue off, because they are both shot with the exact, same vanilla, “slap and tickle” sensibility for their characters.  By the end of the film they are both enjoying the EXACT same type of bondage, discipline sex they learned to enjoy in the first volume and as such there is no “tidy conclusion” to this tale of temptation and sexual, self-discovery, just a series of “messy finishes” evident in every previous film thus far.  Yet, again, production values are very high and honestly, in all fairness, who among us didn’t find FIFTY SHADES a little pretentious; unlikely, as well?  I give it the same score as all the other volumes, because it is the exact same film, and I could see another volume easily being made with no increase of storyline or no reduction in it. In summation, while I must concede that no one could ever accuse the “BOUND BY DESIRE” series of being held together by plot, it wasn’t short on depicting creative; more physical ways people may “secure” each other’s affection for the duration of a lovemaking session.

Extras include Smash Pictures trailers, wall to wall sex scenes (no story), behind the scenes featurette and photo gallery.


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