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Centerfold Fetish Volume 2

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Underground Video
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Anthony Divona
Tera Patrick
Ava Vincent
Linn Thomas
Sunny Leone
Miko Lee
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Last year I covered the Centerfold Fetish video from Underground and this is the sequel. So now we are a veritable eighteen circles deep into porno hell and I have to account for this. What to say that hasn't been said before?

The word sequel, by its very definition is connotative of advancement of a story or at least a retelling of it but in the case what you have here is nine more scenes of girl on girl exploration all set to a happening drum machine soundtrack with overtones of techno flourish. Back again are the nine ambiguous, emotive titles which suggest what type of scene you will see by it's mere suggestion. These are namely: Voyeur, Detention, Dirty Blond, Cybersleaze, Whip Warriors, Say Ahh, Oiled, Smokey And Latex. I could describe them all to you, but since we are exploring a video with nothing but naked women touching themselves and each other I figured I would allow this one to guard what little secrets it has left.

But don't the titles throw you, as always, people tune into these sorts of things not because of accurate descriptions, but for strange sexual obsessions performed and practiced by nubile hot women and in this case the talent speaks for itself. All of the featured players are former Playboy centerfolds or Penthouse pets including Linn Thomas, Tera Patrick, Sunny Leone, Ava Vincent, Stephanie Wood, Nicole Marciano, Miko Lee and perhaps my favorite. Aimee Sweet. No, this isn't exactly Girls Gone Wild, but with the star studded cast you can see why I prefer to think of it as aspiring “aspiring models gone awry”.

Again, the story remains the same as in my first review, a collection of new kinks and fetishes played out in little vignettes of various length where the girls stroke, kiss and caress each other. Penetration is rare and accidental, the story is nonexistent and once again I doubt whether the action is strong enough to even quicken the pulse of the more die hard fetish enthusiasts who are usually aroused by the visual circumstances of a sex scene (the prop and circumstance as I like to call it) rather than the explicit visuals of the naked women starring in it. So what you have is a fetish video marketed to the most hardcore (no pun intended) segment of the adult video market, with less actual explicit content than Debbie Does Dallas.

Still, if my experience with fetish film has taught me anything it is that there is a fetish film out there for everyone and I feel this product will resonate best for porno purveyors who want to discover a new philia onscreen, enjoying them vicariously on their flat screen in the privacy of their own home before investing thousands of dollars in bizarre costumes, gear and disease testing screening. Moreover, if you always thought mainstream Playboy erotic videos cut out about three minutes too soon, this is exactly what you are looking for.

To purchase, visit Underground Video's site, here.

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