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Claire Sinclair Show, The

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Claire Sinclair
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While appearing in pornographic magazines has seldom been known to lead to a fulfilling, top tier career in mainstream Hollywood for an aspiring starlet, the greatest possible exception this is perhaps when a young lady is chosen as the Playboy Playmate of the Year. Whether such women ultimately use such “exposure” to enjoy the meteoric rise to fame: Jenny McCarthy (Playmate of the Year, 1994), end up murdered by their twisted ex-lover : Dorothy Stratton (Playmate of the Year, 1980) or perhaps spend their final moments as the subject of a bizarre cautionary tale of mixing prescription drugs, alcohol and too many snack cakes: Anna Nicole Smith, (Playmate of the year 1993), One thing is certain, once you achieve this special accolade of ultimate cultural beauty, big things are just going to happen for you, if not to you.  And then again, maybe you might just end up like Claire Sinclair (Playmate of the Year 2011) and get to host your own retro themed talk show on vintage erotic influences from the 60’s.  This product is the entire series (both episodes) of the Claire Sinclair Show which appeared on the Erotica Channel.  Let us look at Claire Sinclair which certainly can’t be the most questionable thing I have asked you to do in the intros to one of my reviews.

Episode 1: “Claire On Claire”

Using the oldest special effect in the world usually reserved for an onscreen protagonist confronting his goofy evil twin, Claire Sinclair interviews herself.  While a split screen “special effect” would have been a marvel, and perhaps an incredible accomplishment to film in its entirety without Claire stepping on her lines, what we get here is a back and forth as Claire answers her own second person interview of herself. I don’t want to say it sounds trite and self-absorbed, but then again, I don’t see it could not be, considering it is basically a woman talking to herself and gushing over her own accomplishments egotistically in a falsely detached interviewing style.  Claire is an interesting person, for certain but a shitty host which of course dooms her interview of herself to be uneven.  Among her greatest assets (aside from her complete natural bodily dimensions) is the fact that she is the spokes model for Bettie Page clothing, the star of her own comic book, the headliner at PIN UP; a musical burlesque show which as every one of her projects, has more than a seductive wink and a nod to the days of classical erotic works from yesteryear. Truly Claire fancies herself as a living, breathing….heaving Vargas illustration from the day. Of course the interview closes where I knew it would-with a thinly veiled masturbation reference.  Oh, Playboy centerfolds you are just sooo naughty.

Episode 2: “Bunny Yeager’s Last Sitting”.

Bunny Yaeger is best known as the famous photographer who is best known as the woman who made Bettie Page into a household name with her unflinching, primal and controversial (for the day) pin-ups which are now the ultimate iconic imagery of pin up erotica. The energy between Claire and Bunny really comes across as genuine as Claire sees herself as kind of a living reincarnation of Bettie Page even as she stares with awe, humility and wide eyed amusement at the stories of what it was like to work with her personal idol and inspiration. This episode ends where only it can, with Bunny taking 8mm film of Claire in full undress in the tradition of 60’s pinup girl and truth be told, the finished photos are a fitting testament to the work of Mrs. Yeager which is fortunate as she regrettably passed away shortly after this was filmed.  All in all, Claire Sinclair seems like a nice, friendly “girl next door” figure with the usual approachable trademark “down to earth” charisma that you might expect from a Playmate of the year as part of the tried and tested Playboy formula.

If you like sexy 60’s calendar kitsch or you merely want to hear the story of an attractive clothes model who is very comfortable with her skin and looks a lot like a stacked 80’s version of Valerie Bertinelli (before Eddie Van Halen got to her) well I am sure you can find some sort of reason to watch this.  (I can think of two just by looking at the cover). As for the rest of you, try not to fall in love. As mentioned before, there are only two episodes of THE CLAIRE SINCLAIR SHOW, which this set contains in its entirety. Whether this makes this product a frivolous bit of nothingness or an ultimate collector’s edition ultimately depends on whether you are a glass half empty or glass half full sort of guy. 

Extras include the Super 8 films by Bunny Yeager and some original Erotica Channel promos starring Claire Sinclair

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