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Creepshow 3

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HBO Home Video
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Ana Clavell
James Glen Dudelson
Stephenie Pettee
Roy Abramsohn
Kris Allen
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 Creepshow 3 is a collection of short, scary stories intended to provide some thrills and laughs.  This film is set up differently than the other Creepshow installments.  The stories are joined by animation instead of live-action.  The characters traverse story to story, and the tales weigh as heavily on the comedy side as the horror.
The first short is “Alice”, where one girl’s universe changes repeatedly at the whim of a universal remote.  Alice (Pettee) is a stuck-up prep school girl trapped in suburbia, until her life starts hopping all over the place with the button-pushing.  Alice is the centerpiece of the story as everything around her warps and changes.  The payoff is pretty humorous, after a bit with some effects for shock value.
The second story pits down-on-his-luck Jerry against the titular “The Radio”.  Jerry (Bowen) lives in a shitty apartment, filled with pimps and whores.  He picks up the radio from a bum, and brings it back to his hole in the wall to spend some time with it and a bottle of Jack.  Jerry and the radio begin a caper to get rich, get away from the hell that is his apartment, and make it to the big time and achieve their long-term goals.  In the end, the story provides a nice one-two punch ending.
The first two stories share one common thread. The person supposed to be familiar with guns holds one like it’s an alien. 
The third short, “Call Girl” is Rachel’s story.  Rachel (played by the well-built Camille Lacey) is a serial killer with a love for blood.  When she goes to visit her latest client, it seems he’s got a few skeletons…or at least corpses…in the closet.  The tale resolves with a bit of goofy latex effects, but watching Lacey makes the short worth it.
The fourth piece is “The Professor’s Wife”.  The premise takes under a minute to reveal itself, and the short plays out with little fanfare.  It’s not long before brilliant professor Dayton reveals his secret experiment to two of his brightest students.  When the two decide to reverse engineer his creation, the prank is on the wise-cracking scientist.
Finally, “Haunted Dog” tells the story of a ghostly dog; not the canine type, rather the Kosher kind between two buns.  Kris Allen plays a perfect prick in this story of a doctor assigned to 30 days at the free clinic.  Soon, he’s seeing a homeless ghost, between bouts of pill-popping.
In the end, the film wraps up with all the remaining characters appearing together for one joyous occasion (and one more moment of bad effects).
Creepshow 3 had no involvement with the other movies of the franchise.  In fact, it is only related by name.  (Most fans and crew related to the film consider 1990’s “Tales from the Darkside: The Movie” as the real Creepshow 3.)  The writing is original, instead of leveraging the source material from the 1950’s comics.  The stories are humorous, and blood and gore are used for laughs more than fear.
The DVD has chapter selection, subtitles in English, French and Spanish.  There is a behind-the-scenes feature which follows the directors.  The film is presented in 16:9 aspect ratio, running 104 minutes with audio in Dolby 2.0.

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