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Dasepo Naughty Girls

Review by: 
Shiv Timberwolf
Release Date: 
Third Window Films
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Directed by: 
Lee Je-Yong
Kim Ok-Bin
Park Jin-Woo
Lee Kyeon
Lee Eun-Seong
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Tonight, boys and girls, we’ll be watching a musical set in a high school, which deals with sexuality and the personal issues some of the students face. But before you start slicking your hair back or breaking out the hair-curlers and hoop earrings, be warned: This is no Grease. Instead of floozies, dropouts, and greasemonkeys we have cross-dressers, a shy girl with Poverty on her back (literally, a small personification of Poverty), lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, and a Cyclops. Oh, and that gorgeous looking girl there? Yeah, she’s actually a guy.

Based on the taboo-challenging internet comic Multi Cell Girl, the South Korean movie Dasepo Naughty Girls does a good job of bringing the comical cast to the screen, along with bold colourful sets typical of manga/anime inspired movies.

The movie is very light-hearted, requiring absolutely no mental power to watch (unless you are challenged by subtitles or non-heterosexual relations), and doesn’t have much of a plot to speak of, more like a collection of mini-plots that play out at the same time but are not particularly related – indicative of the comic roots of the film. With that in mind it is an easy-going piece of fun to throw on the player and veg out to while you’re presented with some amusing characters, strange plot turns, and an evil school principal. Demon. Dragon. Thing.

Hell, I don’t know what it was supposed to be! Oh, and just a touch of yodelling! For all of this, however, do not expect to be watching a sexy European movie full of nakedness and coitus, Dasepo Naughty Girls combines the typical asian suggestion of corruption concealed by a bubblegum innocence – meaning that even while a teacher is being spanked by his students it could almost qualify as family friendly.

In terms of extras you get a theatrical trailer, a photo gallery slideshow (I still don’t understand what the point of photo galleries on dvds is!) clocking in at just under 8m,a selection of about 12 trailers for other releases by Third Window, and a 30m making of that mixes interviews with on-set footage. The length of the Making Of is nice, however it seriously suffers from the lack of commentary for the on set footage which means ultimately it’s not very interesting to watch. Also I never did figure out why one of the interviewees (I can’t remember offhand if it was the director or the writer) had his face pixellated!

All in all Dasepo Naughty Girls is a fun way to spend 103 minutes of your day, and being so lighthearted you won’t feel like it’s taken nearly that long! If you are interested in quirky Asian movies like I’m A Cyborg, Kamikaze Girls, Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers, or even the American movie But I’m A Cheerleader, then this is definitely up your street and worth a look.

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