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Daughters of Darkness (2000)

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After Hours Cinema
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Directed by: 
Mr. Smith (!?!)
Katie Jordan
Darian Caine
A.J. Khan
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When I first received this movie from Alternative Cinema I figured that I could tell you what it was about without reviewing it.  With its evil occulty underworld “horror” title and the fact it starred Darian Caine as one of its players I figured it was like countless movies I have seen from “Alternative” and by that I mean a soft-core lesbian romp loosely based on an actual movie with a secondary stupid plot that most men won’t notice anyway because they have a temporary case of breast blindness which these films are all but designed to inflict.

And then the action commenced. A hot Goth girl (who looks somewhat like sweet Abigail "Abby" Sciuto from NCIS) is chained up and placed in a cage while two vampires (played by Darian Caine and AJ Khan) strip and fondle her naked body, telling her how much they “hate fake little goth girls”.  These two women work her over using candle wax, whips, and a variety of bondage apparati while atmospheric music reminiscent of Gregorian chants plays loudly in the background. Suddenly, things depart from every other Alternative Cinema movie I have ever seen, as some vibrators come into play and are used in perhaps the only way they are meant to be. This isn’t really a valid work of erotic horror fiction as much as it is a fetish film, with its trademark single setting/camera, repetitive themed action, and complete lack of plot, but I can’t say that I felt cheated by this.  The surprise use of rubber phallic devices to subdue and torment the poor wayward Goth chick at the hands of women who weren’t “exactly” mortal is not exactly a high concept for an erotic film, but if loveless, lesbian S+M that runs on crude battery operated sex toys rather than detailed plot devices is your thing, this one will be a pleasant surprise, especially if you thought you were going to be in for countless scenes of girl on girl dry humping as is offered by 95% of Alternative Cinemas catalog. Darian Caine and AJ Khan have never looked more genuine or in better form, even though they deliver all of their intimate caresses upon the captive Katie Jordan with the crude, clunky, passionless moves of a couple of fat kids playing Atari, and, by that, I am saying that they rely almost entirely, (perhaps too much) on “joystick action” at the expense of all other play or physical activity. While not a proper erotic film for most consenting adults to view together as part of a romantic evening, as any fetish film designed with premise over plot in mind, I find it is best watched on mute during a poker game where your buddies may marvel at its bizarre, white hot visual aesthetics, and not pay proper attention to their cards.  In the end, DAUGHTERS is a sexy distraction with surprisingly hardcore visuals that ultimately penetrate more than just your male psyche. 

Also on The Disc is a short known As DARIAN’S NAUGHTY WEBCAM. In this one Darian Caine gets to know herself as only a woman can with a battery operated phallic device while we watch it first person POV.  I am surprised at this one, I have seen so many soft-core movies with Darian Caine that I never assumed I would ever see her explore such…depth…Erm.  You know, as a performer…

I give this three skulls.  One because it is silly and dumb and yet somehow deliciously mean spirited but not in a way that is too misogynistic or evil.  I give it a second skull because it was packaged like another erotic soft-core film that cleverly “slipped me some X”.  Finally I give it a third skull just because DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS is actually a heartwarming tale of female empowerment as these sisters are doing it for themselves, (even as they “do it” to their hapless female prisoner). 

(If you actually believe that is why I actually gave this a third skull, let’s just say like you seem like the kind of guy I would like to invite over for my next poker night…you sound so intelligent; intuitive).

While DARIAN’S NAUGHTY WEBCAM is being touted as a bonus feature, the combined total of the two features puts the combined running time at a usual hour and a half so it’s no big deal. However, the enclosed collection of soft-core “teaser” trailers of other Darian Caine films does add value to this…even only by comparison to the hardcore action in this one.  Other than that, it’s a nudie, moody horror farce with no real plot development nor resolution that somehow delivers a couple “happy endings” at its conclusion. 


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