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Decoys 2 - The Second Seduction

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Head Cheeze
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Directed by: 
Tony Kaye
Corey Sevier
Tyler Johnston
Kim Poirier
Tobin Bell
Dina Meyer
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 Awhile back a film called “Decoys” arrived on my doorstep. After reading the synopsis – something about sexy space aliens trying to mate with college guys – I was ready to throw the DVD into the “Movies I’ll Never Watch” bin, when, for some reason, I found myself bored and without anything to watch on a lazy afternoon. So, with that, I threw Decoys into my DVD player, hoping that, at the very least, it would help lull me to sleep; instead it hooked me in with a smart and funny script, likeable actors, and some really smoking hot looking babes in various states of undress. I mean, seriously, what wasn’t to like??
When I heard about “Decoys 2 – The Second Seduction” I was cautiously optimistic. I mean, sure, the original film turned out to be a surprise guilty pleasure, but straight to video sequels to straight to video films…well, let’s just say there’s not a great track record there. Would Decoys 2 deliver the same sort of Animal House-meets-Species blend of sex and Sci-Fi, or would it be yet another disappointing offering from the bad movie wasteland that is the Sci-Fi Channel?
It’s been a few years since Luke Callahan (Sevier) had his near-fatal encounter with the co-ed creatures from outer space, and he’s now a grad student, working as an aid to a small town college professor (played by Saw’s Tobin Bell), and struggling to put his life back together. His therapist (Dina Meyer) doesn’t think Luke is over his “delusions”, and, lucky for the rest of us, he isn’t, as the aliens have returned, once again led by the lovely Constance (Poirier), and are targeting the same school Luke works at. Meanwhile, a group of students have organized a game in which each score points when they bed a girl, while their dorm-mates bet on the outcome. For proof of each conquest, the boys must film the events using the cameras in their cell phones. When one contestant hooks up with an alien hoping to plant her seed, his phone captures her in mid-transformation; just the evidence Luke needs to prove that these creatures are the real deal.
While admittedly not as funny (nor quite as polished) as its predecessor, Decoys 2 – The Second Seduction still manages to be an entertaining and goofy farce. While Sevier’s Luke takes something of a backseat to a much less interesting batch of college kids, the film really kicks into gear when their stories intertwine. This time out, the effects look a little cheaper, but this is purely incidental as these films aren’t meant to be eye-popping extravaganzas; they’re B-movie schlock that would do Roger Corman proud, filled with the requisite amount of boobs, blood, and chuckles.
If you're a fan of the first film, you'll definitely want to add this one to your collection. However, if you're one of those depressingly serious hardcore horror/Sci-Fi fans who hates it when those bad people try to make you laugh then...what the hell are you doing at this site?? 

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