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Dirty Love 2 : The Love Games

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Casa di piacere
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Alex Damiano
Valentine Demy
David D'Ingeo
Alessandro Freyerger
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 Argent Films present yet another slice of Italian erotica from the late eighties in the rather convolutedly titled "Dirty Love ll: The Love Games - Intrigue"; the content proves to be not half as interesting as its mouthful of a moniker suggests it might have been and was probably determined by a previous erotic film starring its lead, Valentine Demy: the Joe D'Amato directed "Dirty Games". Naturally, the film's story line has nothing whatsoever to do with this other erotic film; the only thing they share in common is that they both (not suprisingly) feature cult starlet Demy in various states of undress.
Ex-prostitute, Eva (Valentine Demy) has inherited a vast villa from a wealthy client. She has no money to pay for its upkeep though and so cannot afford to pay the gardener and housekeeper for their services. Instead she "collects" young homeless men and brings them back to the villa where they willingly look after the place in return for lashings of soft core rumpy pumpy! Eva was once known as "queen of the red sofa" in her previous job at the local brothel and one day she finds that the very same red sofa, where she enjoyed so many anonymous couplings, is now for sale at an antiques shop! Eva buys it and brings it home; sometimes she regales her young lovers with various tales from her past life while they all sit on the red sofa. All seems idyllic until the three men set up their own flower selling business and begin to neglect Eva. She takes up with the wealthy antique dealer who sold her the red sofa and when he asks to marry her, her three previous lovers realise their little arrangement is threatened.
Valentine Demy had become a well-known soft porn star for appearances in some of Tinto Brass' sophisticated-looking productions, ("Snack Bar Budapest" and "Paprika") and appears here in a film that attempts to mimic the style of these works: a period setting, pleasing cinematography, luxurious settings and sumptuous production values are combined with Demy's glamorous costumes to give the soft core fumblings an air of sophistication. Much of the good work is undermined though by a cheap-sounding music score and very wooden english voice dubbing. The story line is all rather beside the point since it is obviously just a distraction intended only to stitch together Demy's protracted erotic sequences. These sequences are of a very soft nature and (as is almost always the case) the male participants remain at least partially clothed -- never revealing anything more than the occasional butt cheek -- while almost every nook & cranny of Mrs Demy's anatomy is revealed at some point, if only in rather banal, soft focus sex scenes! There are a few noteworthy cameo roles for euro-cult fans to spot though: the rich antiques dealer who marries Eva is played by Maurice Poli, recognisable to many Mario Bava fans as one of the stars of the director's magnificent crime thriller "Rabid Dogs". Nieves Navarro also makes an appearance in a small role as the mother of one of Eva's clients. This Spanish-born actress became one of the starlets of gialli cinema in the early seventies under her anglicised alias of Susan Scott when she appeared in such classics as Sergio Martino's "All the Colours of the Dark" and her husband, Luciano Ercoli's "Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion". Her role here marks one of her final screen appearances.
Argent Films present the film in a 4:3 aspect ratio which looks ok and has good strong colours. The only extras is a trailer for Argent Films' other Italian erotic release, "Lady of the Night".

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