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Don't Mess with My Sister

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Head Cheeze
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Directed by: 
Meir Zarchi
Joe Perce
Jeanine LeMay
Jack Gurci
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 After setting the gruesome standard for exploitation films with his horrifying and intense I Spit on Your Grave, Meir Zarchi went to work on his follow-up, Don't Mess With My Sister. Marketed as a gritty urban vengeance flick, I expected something akin to an uber violent and ultra sleazy Death Wish. What I got, however, was a flimsy, cheap, and boring ethnic drama that was more like My Big Fat Greek Wedding with guns.
Steven (Perce) is an accountant at a salvage yard owned by his brothers-in-law. Apparently, Steve's been slaving away at this place for quite some time and was promised a partnership in the business, but the brother's have backed off of that promise, even after Steven married their sister, Clara (LeMay). While Steve's away at night school, finishing up his degree, Clara prepares a surprise birthday party for him, replete with balloons, beer, and a belly dancer (because we all know how much everyone loves a belly dancer at their birthday party!?!). Steve, meanwhile, offers a ride home to a woman who goes to his school. Along the way, they discover that she is, in fact, the belly dancer who will be performing for Steve's surprise party, and have a good laugh about it. However, Steve begins to develop an attraction to the dancer that leads to an affair, murder, and revenge!!
If any of that sounds exciting, it's not. The affair literally lasts for all of two minutes of screen time, the murder is a pointless act in which Steve defends the dancer from one of her more aggressive customers, and the revenge is Clara's, as she and her brothers mess up the belly dancer's apartment. If you take out the murder (which is never realised or revisited anyway), the film is essentially the story of a guy who cheated on his wife, got caught, and was smacked around a little bit. However, seeing as how this guy is Steve (apparently the most short-tempered man on the planet) these little things have a way of blowing out of proportion.
Zarchi intends for us to view Steve as some sort of put-upon hero, but he's actually a complete asshole. His wife, whom he married simply to advance in position at a fucking junkyard, is actually quite sweet, pretty, and understanding! It's only when he cheats on her (merely months after she has their first child!) that she gets angry and sics her brother's on him. Even then, she calls them off, afraid they may hurt him!
No one in this film does anything extraordinary or particularly malicious, save for the "hero". He pouts and throws a fit after the brother's give him a generous raise (Steve wants a partnership, damnit!), cheats on his wife with a woman he only met in passing, inexplicably KILLS for her (even though it's glossed over completely), and then has the balls to seek "revenge" against people who have every right to be mad at him. Hell, their revenge was simply a minor beating, he responds by blowing shit up and shooting at them with a rifle. Then, as quickly as it all begins, it ends, with no casualties other than the long-forgotten belly dance customer, and the viewer, who just lost 90 minutes of their lives to this tripe.
Avoid at all costs!

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