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Dragon Art Theatre Double Feature Vol. 1

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Hitler's Harlot/Slave Island
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Something Weird
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Hy Del
Nancy Martin
John Holmes
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While I MUST see ALL the films in a series, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I must admit it is unlikely I will be able to even make a dent in this product line.  This porno is volume #001 of the Dragon Art Series, a 212 volume set of insanely adult films from the seventies.  And wouldn't you know it, volume 001 just happens to be chock full of nasty naked Nazis.  It was fate indeed that I should be the one to review this.  I've seen so much Nazisploitation, that these days when I watch the History Channel and see footage of Hitler, I can't help but think about how his mustache reminds me of  a tiny patch of neatly trimmed female pubic hair. Ach Du Lieber!

Hitlers Harlot (1973)

An insane, endless sequence of interrogation and penetration.  This one takes place in two rooms but runs through standard porno logic with cattle-car efficiency (no pun intended).  The blonde female Nazi Kommandant and her henchman are obsessed with finding out the whereabouts of the rebel leader, John Paul.  So they do what any powerful despots would do. They fill a waiting room full of hot nubile 70's girls and interrogate each and every one of them with brutal forced sex and terrible sarcasm, threatening at one point to make lamp shades out of their first victims breasts while they rape her. I suppose this seems like a logical extension of ILSA: SHE WOLD OF THE SS (never-mind the fact it was filmed two years before) but the Kommandant shamelessly goes where Dyanne Thorne only hinted at, shamelessly forcing every woman in the film into madcap countless lesbian throw-downs, even forcing previous female victims to help subdue future ones.  The oddest thing about his one is that from opening to close it is filled with nonstop pirated background Muzak from varied artists including “Light my Fire” by the Doors, the theme from THE GODFATHER and perhaps most bizarre of all the use of Bobby Vinton's “ I Know how you love me” during the first initial three way rape.  Not since the “Singing in the rain” scene in CLOCKWORK ORANGE have I seen such a happy little love song narrating such a stark scene of sexual violence. With the ever-present Nazi flag looming down over this sort of action, this one seems almost incalculably evil, sick; without social value and dare I say, more than a little hot...

Nazi Love Island (1980)

During WW2 Joe Murray's (John Holmes's) fighter plane crash lands on a pacific Island held by a small Nazi contingent including a Sgt Schultz knockoff, two insidious nazi Nymphets named Greta and Ilsa and Suke a female Japanese soldier who is actually played by a real Asian woman named Jade Wong which somehow makes this thing about as historically accurate as this one gets.  No sooner does Joe Murray creep into the enemy camp than he becomes so enraptured watching a scene involving two German  female soldiers having non consensual lesbian sex with a captured Red Cross nurse then he too is soon captured and forced to please the two jackbooted Jezebels as well.  In an effort to prove that he isn't the biggest gun in town as well as to disregard every maxim of firearm safety Joe is forced to pleasure one of them while the other masturbates with a Luger pistol, yet, because Holmes himself is a well oiled sex weapon in his own right, he not only thrives, but survives from this encounter, then falls in love with  Suke. which results in such a touching, albeit brief love scene that it doesn't seem like it belongs in this picture.  It's got John Holmes, Seka and the prerequisite fat Nazi guy who has no other purpose in all films like this but to say crude, stupid and demeaning things while people are being screwed/tortured.  Like the previous film, this is another interesting hybrid between sexploitation and actual sex that many collectors will want to give a spin, even though the production values were literally six actors in a shack. Yet somehow, porno footage set to the happening Hep cat cool sounds of ponderous Wagner opera  themes does wonders for helping the viewer appreciate this XXX footage as well as experience a new dimension of sensory wrong.

They don't make em like this anymore and it shows. The footage is grainy and the audio sounds like it is often coming through a 1940's vacuum tube radio which sadly does nothing to elevate its historical accuracy. Still, It does live up to the hype and as such it is a fierce, forcible feature of Fraulein flesh.

If you'd like to witness this for yourself, goose step on over to Something Weird for all the sordid details!

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