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Evil Come Evil Go Triple Feature

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Vinegar Syndrome
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Walt Davis
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In the early seventies director Walt Davis was making quite a name for himself with his bizarre, wacky porno films. The Davis style is best described as one Part John Waters film, one part drive in horror flick and one part sexploitation roughie.  These various stylistic elements are mixed together in an artful but often haphazard style that seems more interested in shocking; sickening the viewer than seducing them through impossibly glamourized depictions of sex. Let us look at this collection containing three his better known films and  see if these corny, porno sex fantasies are as watchable if not as memorable as they were to generations of past perverts. 


This one seems to be inspired by the famous cult suspense film NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955) as it shares the same quotes and opening theme at the beginning of the film :

“Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” St. Matthew 7:15”

Of course this film quickly chooses a path all its own. It details the story of a self-confessed puritanical figure known as Sister Mary Jane, a homeless, delusional religious middle aged wacko who is on a personal pilgrimage to rid the world of unclean men and pleasure fornicators. Of course this would be a less than delicious premise for an adult film if played straight but fortunately Walt Davis is incapable of such linear plot devises in his films. Sister Mary Jane cheats, swindles and eventually even murders a male lover right at the moment of orgasm all the while spouting religious doctrine and singing incredibly shrill, off-key versions of famous religious hymns.  In time she conscripts the help of a wayward lesbian named Penny and after an “purification ceremony” (that looks very similar to an unrated girl on girl bondage scene), the two women go on a murderous rampage where they seek to eliminate anyone who is behaving in what Sister penny is deciding is a lewd and lascivious fashion (everyone they meet).  The moment where Sister Mary Jane and her new acolyte Penny sing “In the Sweet By And By” (now in a two part harmony) while disposing of a victim’s body almost made me wet myself as I was laughing so uncontrollably. It ends as nebulously as it begins, and I personally really regret it was unrated and not somehow x rated, yet its absurdity is off the scale, truly Biblical in proportion.


This is the sorrowful tale of an aged starlet and her desperate attempt to feel desired again.  Gaye Roman (played by “Sister Mary” Cleo Jane from the previous film) is a former actress who sits at home all day, pretending to be her own maid when people call her to inquire about the acting classes that she offers. When a young man does FINALLY answer her advertisement, she immediately seduces him into having sex with her using it as a “teachable moment” and claiming it is all part of the curriculum. Her roommate is a similar sex fiend named Rodney Lecoq who tricks a couple hippy girls into having group sex with him, masterfully seducing them into various positions for the camera as if here were merely reading the stage directions for just another photo shoot, which for him may be the case indeed. In time Gaye Roman loses her young lover to his girlfriend and the hippy girls abandon the creepy photographer and the two deranged friends find comfort (and all the perversion they ever need) in each other’s arms during the film’s final sex scene. Despite its incredibly screwy, sketch nature; this film had an almost romantic, traditional ending, that is if one can overlook the fact that the two principals were disgusting, predatory, sexual sociopaths in every possible way.  The action was unrated again, much to my chagrin.  Hardcore sex fiend characters like these always lose something when rendered in softcore action.


In the previous films I complained that the action was all soft-core, this final entry taught me that perhaps I should more careful what I wish for. For the first time in over 200 movies I am reviewing a movie with extended scenes of actual man on man oral sex, starring the director himself, Walt Davis (personally, I could have done without that).  Perhaps more bizarre, it was also the first time I have actually seen a man “castrated” during an actual sex scene with a meat cleaver.  I hate to reduce a film to its more shocking moments, but this tale of insane infidelity among assholes had the following themes: Necrophilia, Incest, Murder, Rape and every possible type of forced sexual hookup between all the characters during its 78 minute running time that even the sitcom FRIENDS didn’t dare wryly suggest by its tenth and final season. Toward the end a famous porn star arrives at the door with his girlfriend and to quote a certain tagline from a stupid series of straight to release video tapes VHS tapes “After John Holmes shows up, that’s when things start getting really wild.”  No actually, truth be told was the only “normal” porno movie moment in the whole duration of this; when everyone is encouraged to forget their role in a grisly sex murder by taking part in a big meaningless orgy.  This one is unpleasant, disgusting and attacks your sensibilities like only an x rated horror movie rife with extreme, seldom expressed, genuine onscreen sexual proclivities can. Some of you who buy films that must be endured as well as experienced simply must pick this up.

This was quite a boxed set and it appears Vinegar Syndrome has done it again.  The films are cleaned up to a surprising (and at times unwanted) clarity and in the case of OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL it is actually the most restrored, uncensored version of it ever released onto DVD unlike the versions of it that were released from Something Weird and Alternative Cinema respectively. These are three of Walt Davis’s better known directorial efforts. They are truly an acquired taste for fans of adult fare that ultimately have none, yet there are nothing like these. 

Special features include theatrical trailers for most of the films, an interview with Producer Bob Chinn and some uncut footage to WIDOW BLUE.

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