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Eye 2, The

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Don't Feed the Dead
Jian Gui 2
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Pang Brothers
Qi Shu
Eugenia Yuan
Jesdaporn Pholdee
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Some sequels should never be made, and the Eye 2 is the Pang Bros. wonderful example of this statement. Shat out 2 years after the original blew the minds of viewers everywhere, the Eye 2 is an Americanized ghost story with half or less the impact of the first. Buying this film I knew it would be a catastrophe, and I'm glad to see that my intuition didn't let me down.

A complete tangent from the first film, the Eye 2 focuses more on the supernatural, in particular, spirits re-entering the lives of the living. Most of the movie is based around Buddhist beliefs that the dead can be seen at conception and near death, which makes the main character Joey's life a living hell, as she's always either trying to commit suicide or in the process of giving birth.

From the get go, we see a heavy dose of Sixth Sense as Joey lies in a hotel room overdosing on sleeping pills. She is surrounded by blurry figures, all staring at her speechless. She is aware of what they are, yet too drugged up to give a shit at the moment. Surprisingly, Joey survives this massive (60+) pill ingestion and awakens at the hospital where she is released upon her own free will after a nasty stomach pump scene.

Only after spraining her wrist falling out of the shower does Joey find out that she's pregnant, seeing a doctor that can tell fertilization just by feeling a pulse(?!). After finding out that she's preggo, Joey begins to have strange visions of people that aren't exactly there, but on a constant basis. In particular, there is one beige colored woman that seems to be following her everywhere she goes. This is when the Eye 2 becomes a more generic ghost story than a prolific sequel.

See, I can live with a change of pace from an original storyline, a la BR II, but Eye 2 strays so far off course that it's almost sickening. The Pang Bros. pull out all the stops to Americanize a film that's predecessor only gained fame due to the import of Asian cinema. Half of the Eye 2 is spoken in English, albeit very poor English, and the choice to fully explain Buddhist spiritual beliefs is another example of the Pang's attempt at catering to a select audience. Believe me boys, after this uninspiring sequel, Hollywood will not be banging down your doors for you to direct a remake.

The one saving grace for the Eye 2 was the effective use of blood and darkness throughout the whole film. Granted, the ghost story is a bit cheap, but the setting, deaths and actual ghosts are indeed creepy and keep an evil tone throughout the entire film. In particular, one scene where Joey is waiting for a bus featured an effective father-son double suicide jump scene, where the victims were flattened and left twitching. Very impressive FX.

Alas, the use of great special FX are not enough to suffice my Asian cinema appetite. The Eye 2 is a complete disappointment to anyone that was a fan of the original. If you're curious, I'd just pick up the VCD for cheap, rather than shell out $20 for the DVD import. Trust me, it's more of a blurred vision of the original than anything you might want to see. Ha! I made a funny!

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