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Father's Day

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Adam Brooks
Mackenzie Murdock
Matthew Kennedy
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When this film first came I was excited to view it, With a name like Father’s Day and a lineage of Troma film studios I thought it might be the companion piece to MOTHER’S DAY which was (in my opinion) this studios best film of all time. Let me say that not only did I choose wrong when I selected this film, I have never been so punished by making a wrong choice in recent memory. Even writing about this thing, investing a few minutes of hard thought into this film (which is a lot more than they spent when they made it) is an exquisite and demeaning pain to me, like being one of the poor Fathers that were senselessly ass raped in this film.

Did my words put you off just now, the hint of generous scenes of unrated ass rape? If not, it’s got scenes of a small child being knifed to the eyeballs, a matter of fact confession by God himself where he admits that he is also the Devil, and a scene where a (human looking) demon child is brutally stomped to death by the very main character protagonist “heros” who helped create it (through incest) a few scenes earlier.

Any one of these gambits far surpassed the usual feeling of sweet savage senselessness or ever-present fun nihilism of all grindhouse movies for this humble reviewer. This film hates itself as much as it does you and it crams in as many violent sexual budget effects until it becomes a parody of itself and of any coherent drama.  

There is a basic plot however, this I must concede. It seems there is this mutated man beast named Chris Fuchman (picture THE OFFICE’S Dwight Schrute in a permanent roid rage) a man who wanders around killing other peoples Fathers, ass raping them and dismembering them (not always in that order). Four people band together to stop him, Unlikely allies indeed: There Is Ahab, a childhood victim of “The Fuchman” who is obsessed with vengeance (and maple syrup). Twink, a gay teenage street hustler whose own father hated him (and ultimately fell prey to the Fuchman) leaving him with a lot of unresolved issues to deal with. Father John Sullivan, a reactionary man who is prone to fits of swearing and spontaneous gay sex. Finally, there is Chelsea, Ahab’s kid sister who works as a stripper and a much needed platform of naked breasts in a movie filled with scenes of butchery and unrated ass rape.

If these characters were allowed to play their personalities straight (no pun intended) it would have been a big enough challenge to make this into a decent film. Instead, as you can imagine by now, the world of Father’s Day is not based in the laws of reality whatsoever. The Chris Fuchman character is not just a gay serial killer, but he is in fact a demon who can only be confronted in hell itself, and only then when each of the characters have shot themselves in the head DEER HUNTER style to reach him. Of course, the priest “accidentally” goes to Heaven and he is only able to join his buddies in hell by pulling a gun God himself, (played by Lloyd Kaufman, head of Troma pictures). There is one pivotal scene with illustrates how wrong this film is on all levels. In one scene, Ahab is apparently seduced by his own biological sister Chelsea. As he mounts her from the rear, she mysteriously changes into “The Fuchman”. It seems the big bad “sodomonster” took over her soul, unbeknownst to Ahab. Yet by the time incest is just another plot device and the head bad guy has the ability to shift into a twenty foot high beast against bad blue screen depictions of hell, this thing is so far of the stratosphere of bad, it can never be seen as “good”. I can’t imagine who will actually enjoy this thing except maybe for aspiring gay serial killers who hate organized religion and a coherent plot in a movie.  All others please steer clear of this “ass Troma”.

Extras include a full size cardboard portfolio featuring above cover art which could be repurposed into a school folder (also including a locker sized poster of same cover art). This would be perfect for a small child to take to school, starting a long relationship with the county’s mental health authorities early in life and all but ensuring that no other child would ever play with them.

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