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Feast II - Sloppy Seconds

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Head Cheeze
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John Gulager
Diane Goldner
Jenny Wade
Clu Gulager
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 John Gulager’s Project Greenlight film, “Feast”, proved to be something of a hit on home video, as the director’s gory and off-the-wall monster-fest was an unexpectedly original and entertaining bit of splatstick fun. Gulager returns, as do many of the original cast members, for a second installment entitled Feast II: Sloppy Seconds; a title that is quite apt in more ways than one.
The film opens just moments after the first one ended, with Biker Queen (Diane Goldner, playing the twin of the character Harley Mom from the first film) discovering the aftermath of the assault on the bar. It’s here she finds the wounded Bartender (Clu Gulager), and beats him into telling her who was responsible for her sister’s death. Bartender blames the first film’s protagonist, Bozo, and he and Biker Queen roll into town looking for revenge. Once there, however, they discover that the mysterious creatures who ravaged the bar and its patrons have overtaken the town, as well, and must team up with an oddball assortment of characters, including a midget wrestling team, a fast-talking used car salesmen, and Honey Pie (Jenny Wade); the dippy waitress who left Bartender and the others hanging the night before (and who’s also wielding Harley Mom’s gun).
Gulager embraces the fact that he knew this flick was going to go straight-to-video, and really heaps on the blood and body fluids, here. There’s an exceptional amount of gore, albeit intentionally silly and cheap looking, as well as an autopsy sequence that has to be seen to be believed. It’s as if Gulager’s channeling Peter Jackson circa “Bad Taste”, and, while it illicits a few chuckles, the overdone gore does get a little old, especially in light of the fact that it seems to be here to serve in place of an actual story. Feast wasn’t exactly high-brow stuff, but Feast II makes that film look like The English Patient in comparison, taking the slapstick and gross-out stuff to nearly nauseating extremes. Unrestrained by the parameters of Project Greenlight, Gulager’s like the little kid who realizes people thinks it’s funny when he farts, so he keeps doing it until he shits his pants.
The DVD from Dimension features a cast and crew commentary, “Scared Half to Death Twice: The Making of Feast II” featurette, and “Meet the Gulagers”, which features interviews with Clu, John, and Tom Gulager (who plays “Greg”).
I was a bit disappointed by Feast II as I found the first film managed to balance the gore and the scares really well, and I was anxious to see where they’d take this property. Sadly this second outing opted for gross-outs over substance, but, seeing as how this is a middle chapter (Feast 3: The Happy Finish is already wrapped), there’s still a chance that Gulager and company will live up to the potential shown in the first film.

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