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Frauleins In Uniform

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She Devils of the S.S.
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Cheezy Flicks
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Directed by: 
Erwin C. Dietrich
Elisabeth Felchner
Karin Heske
Renate Kasché
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While the cover for “FRAULEINS IN UNIFORM” looks like an obscure work of prime Nazisploitation, this film actually developed by the Swiss for German audiences. And while that may strike you as odd, this is exactly why it appears so tame.  Due to strict German censorship issues, the themes of “state sponsored sexy torture” evident to all of “Nazispoitation” simply cannot be presented onscreen with any degree of bizarre excess so integral to the genre. Moreover, it seems there simply isn’t a market overseas for movies with Nazis portrayed as evil sex offenders and murderers in certain markets, especially not in in the one certain country from which they originated. 

So what you have here is a Nazi themed nudie romp set in the closing days of World War 2 and yet there is very little onscreen violence or actual evil madness that one would expect from the usual fictionalized account of the final days of Hitler’s regime. While there is a considerable amount of nudity and simulated sex going on, it is all consensual, nonstop and completely having little or nothing to do with the time, place or setting which was certainly historically important. Of course no one watches Nazispoitation for historical accuracy and yet that is the one area where “Frauleins” has any semblance of quality.  The uniforms and small arms were all surprisingly Germanic and quite authentic for the period. There is even a scene where a couple German machine gun positions brandishing MG 42’s beat back a Soviet armor offensive that involved actual authentic Soviet T-34 tanks from the day. Moreover there is a scene of female soldiers manning artillery positions in the field shooting down Allied bombers which while fakey looking, was incredibly ambitious; high concept and beyond the usual scope of “actual fighting scenes” in films such as this.

It is rare that a film with as much nudity as this is as boring and unwatchable as this, but it was.  Several sub-plots were dangled, almost teasingly in front of the viewer but everything seemed to lapse into mindless, repetitive sex scenes. There did seem to be a recurring feminist theme of Nazi female soldiers wishing to prove once and for all that they were as well trained, fierce and as brutal as their Wehrmacht brothers in arms, but this tone of sexual equality was notably muted a bit at the end of the film during the final scene where all the women were shown naked and fleeing for their lives down the street (driven from the strange, secret lesbian ceremonial commune they were hiding) while a grisly gun battle between the Soviets And Germans erupted all around them as they made their final bid for escape.

Still, this film could have its merits for some.  Maybe you just you have a thing for beautiful women clad in history’s ugliest uniform?  Maybe you are finishing your library of Nazisploitation and you just found out for the first time this film exists?  Hell, maybe you want to put one more throwaway title like this on your sleaze shelf to block out your vintage copy of Ilsa She Wolf of the SS from sight so your friends won’t try to borrow your “good” Nazispoitation films. Not that I imply that there ever was such a thing as a “good” Nazisploitation film, but according of the strict standards of its own genre these “Frauleins” are out of uniform and should be Court Marshaled for it…

Extras include some trailers and some silly, ancient intermission shorts which always please me.

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