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Freddy vs. Jason

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New Line
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Ronny Yu
Robert Englund
Ken Kirzinger
Monica Keena
Jason Ritter
Kelly Rowland
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  Well, it sure ain't scary but has any American horror film actually been so for the last several years? Answer - no, definetly not. BTW Jeepers Creepers wasn't scary, if it scared you, please seek professional help now, you certainly need it! However whilst Freddy vs Jason is not scary, it's hugely entertaining and rather violent. This is certainly the most enjoyable and bloody 18 certificated genre film to hit UK cinemas for a very long time, that's for sure. Jason X is obviously ignored as not only was it set in the future but it dealt with only a parallel version of the character for a fun one off idea. Wes Craven's New Nightmare is also ignored...especially by me - aargh!!!
The plot? Jason Voorhees is resurrected by Freddy Krueger to visit Elm Street to kill violently in order to force folks to remember him and give the weakened one-time murdering paedophile enough power to return and wreak further violent havok. You see, all the troubled Freddy remembering or experiencing youngsters from Elm St locales are now kept locked away on experimental medication - a drug that enables folks to sleep without dreaming ("Hypnocil" which Nancy also used in Nightmare III). Seeing Hypnocil was a nice touch of continuity for Nightmare fans, as was also seeing Jason's mother and his original "drowning" at the summer camp.
So basically we meet a group of kids who either now have Jason wiping them out in the real world or Freddy up to his old tricks in the dream world. Around two thirds of the way in, Freddy discovers that Jason is ruining his fun and takes him on. That last third features (in a big way!) what the film title really promised. Combining A Nightmare On Elm Street part 8 and Friday The 13th part 11 was a really great idea. Half Voorhees action, half Krueger action - lots of shared crossover pleasure for the horror viewer! Great to also see the Elm Street and Crystal Lake locations being used in the same film too.
Ronny Yu's film is actually shot in a 2,35:1 ratio which was rather cool to see and very different from the norm indeed. It almost lends a touch of class to these bizarre yet fully pleasurable proceedings. Krueger is in his game show host mode (as usual) but hey, he's been like that in every single Nightmare entry bar the original., well he's Jason, nothing much changes there. Highlights of the film are definetly a set on fire machete swinging Jason Voorhees storming a dance party set in the middle of a corn field, a hilarious Freddy marijuana hookah pipe bong dream sequence, seeing the singer from Destiny' s Child get hers (hahaha), and the final *COUGH* impressive dream and reality based confrontations between the two title characters.
Expect a sequel but please don't take that the wrong way, I certainly did not feel cheated by the conclusion, a smile and serious laughter was heavily present instead. It's pleasing that a film such as this should be sold out at a 7pm viewing at a UK multi-complex cinema but it'll be intriguing to see how well the film fares once the hard core fan base have all had their fun. The crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it's recommended to all fans of either of these distinctly larger than life horror characters. Go see this film now, I honestly can't wait for the dvd to arrive soon enough!!
Further BTW - Who the fuck is Kane Hodder and what did he ever do for the F13th franchise?! Answer, sweet f.a. bar signing lots of autographs at horror conventions in the US of A. Hodder clearly needs this franchise a hell of a lot more than it needs him. It had even gotten to the point where I no longer even saw Jason as an emotionless entity behind a hockey mask, I just kept thinking of Hodder's face instead. I also want to say that it was highly enjoyable to see Robert Englund don the razor fingered glove and spout some great wisecracks after being away for quite so long. To my surprise, I discovered that I had actually missed him...

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