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Gingerdead Man, The

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Full Moon
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Charles Band
Gary Busey
Robin Sydney
Ryan Locke
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 This quaint tale opens with the demented Millard Findlemeyer (Busey) slaughtering people in a diner while making no real effort to rob it. As the patrons repeatedly make moronic attempts to stop him, they forget that they're facing Gary Busey, and are quickly killed one by one.
(From the opening scene, Busey seems to be morphing into comedian Ron White, who recently decided on platinum blonde as his choice of locks. The two would be interchangeable, except that Busey would have to drop his pistol in order to hold the scotch and cigarettes White never seems to be without.)
Findlemeyer spares one girl, the young bakery worker named…wait for it…Sarah Leigh. Sarah ( Sidney , who needs an apron to keep her as a cute country girl instead of smoking hot bombshell) becomes instrumental in leading the plot along. When co-worker, the amateur wrestler Brick (Johnathon Chase), bleeds into the cookie dough, the possessed spirit of Findlemeyer comes alive to wreak havoc, or at least be really annoying. Apparently, the FDA doesn't consider Backwater, Texas a top priority.
It's at this point that co-worker Julia appears (played by Daniela Melgoza) and viewers should instantly be hoping she slept her way to the top, with Sarah, that is. Sarah's mom, Betty (Margaret Blye) also shows up, drunk on Jack Daniel's…my kinda woman.
Betty's decision to fire at the competition's bakery across the street brings in the local Sheriff…wait for it…Jimmy Dean (Cedar). Also enter beauty queen Lorna (Aleman) and Amos Cadbury (Locke). At any rate, now that the characters are all introduced, it's time for the killer confection to make its appearance. Created with visual effects rivaling Pinata: Survival Island , instantly the gingerbread killer shows up, only to run away and not kill anyone.
Actually, when the undead pastry hops into action, it takes a while to realize it's a puppet and not Busey himself. The movie then pulls a George Lucas, mixing a few moments of action between repeatedly extended gushy verbal exchanges. Sarah and Amos grow closer over the course of the movie as the GingerBusey Man keeps wiping out less important characters. Amos's girlfriend, soon-to-be-ex is an absolute prissy bitch (played to a tee by Aleman).
The movie ties up neatly with no real surprises, and the obligatory wide-open ending. There are enough one-liners and cheese to make it a laughable time. Extras include a blooper reel, behind-the-scenes featurette, trailers and more sales pitches from Full Moon. There is surprisingly no commentary tracks, which is a shame. The best way to watch this would be to hear Busey commenting on Busey voicing a puppet made to look like Busey. 

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