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God Complex, The

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Pirromount Pictures
Dark Comedy
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Mark Pirro
Gust Alexander
Dennis Kinard
Lauren Baldwin
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Just when I thought I have stared too long; burned my eyes blind by staring into the hottest fires of offensive cinema hell, along comes a cheap little film which attacks my own cherished belief systems on God, creationism and Christianity. Because I like to think I have a large enough mind to objectively examine divergent points of view from my own and not let it affect the final score I give a movie, let me tell you what this film is about and let you draw your own conclusions lest I be found guilty of the same hypocrisy that this film attributes to Christians everywhere. I may not have any  more answers than anyone else when it comes to the deep spiritual questions plaguing our human existence, but I pride myself by being able to review any movie accurately and fairly regardless of how it upsets me, or turns my stomach (except for male gay porn of course, Yick)

THE GOD COMPLEX is a slapstick atheist tome that examines many famous Biblical stories ranging from Adam and Eve to the Crucifixion of Jesus.  It explores, articulates and illustrates every one of the logical problems many folks have ever heard anyone express against Christianity and especially the Holy Trinity. From the often unexplainable senseless cruelty of “acts of God” to the impossibility of certain parables of the Bible on to the sheer audacity of faith, this film will find immediate comedic resonance with those who view faith and devotion to an all knowing and all-seeing power as a weakness; travesty.

As for believers, they will be likely put off that God is played by a Tony Soprano look alike, that Adam's first lover was actually a man, that God impregnates Mary with a special dance complete with Abbot and Costello sound effects and later talk of Jesus being conceived by magical splooge.  Later the baby Jesus is depicted as a grotesque rubber puppet.  I need not go further here, lest I be seen guilty of dwelling on images surely designed to enflame my most basic sensibilities as it outrages them. 

While this obviously wasn't geared for me as I really found it to be a kick in the head to everything good and Holy I have ever sat through church to learn and sing about, I am not about to say this sort of thing should be censored, nor am I going to say that it was entirely unfunny or not thought provoking.  Quite to the contrary, after the last two films from Pirromount I was expecting something stupid, cheap and empty only to find that there actually was a mind behind this, as well as a brutal disrespect of everything that people of faith find most dear.  I think this film is best meant for former Christians who have always wondered about the illogicality of God and fallen from faith.  Only they will truly appreciate the little in jokes where this film compare God to other fictitious characters such as the Boogey-man and the Tooth Fairy. As promised I will not pass judgment on the ultimate message of this film, leaving that to someone else to judge on a future day, an act of  religious sensitivity that will probably only ultimately inspire as much derisive laughter from an audience of non-believers as this film will. But I have nothing to say about this lest people accuse me of having a “God Complex” all my own.

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