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Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street

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P.J. Starks
John Page
Katie Green
Megan Fuller
Robert Denton
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Slaughter on Second Street – the ultimate horror fantasy, developed and produced in the town of Owensboro. Welcome to haunted houses at their worst, with more jumps and jolts from a rent-a-cop than the actual attractions.

Slaughter on Second Street is the living creation of the Masters brothers, Buck and Damien. The attraction is designed to sucker in frightened tourists, but is it really haunted?  Just days before the grand opening, tragedy strikes the haunted house.  The creative design team dies on the set after a series of bizarre events. We cut to Buck Masters (Todd Reynolds) and his assistant, as Buck and Damien argue over the future of Owensboro’s ultimate tourist attraction.

Buck is hell-bent on opening Slaughter on Second Street, even if it means the blood that is thicker-than-water must be spilled.  As Halloween approaches, Buck manages to remove any distractions from his path. To prove that the haunted house is legitimate, Buck hires a ghost hunting crew to review the attraction and any paranormal activity that might be present.

The ghost hunters arrive on scene; a perfect mix of idiots eerily reminiscent of a cartoon crew who may or may not have stumbled out of a green hippie van recently.  Frank, Chevy, Stephanie, Doobie and Alma need to prove that a ghost, paranormal, ghoul or ghast is haunting the premises or all funding might hit zero. Instead, the PSI team is positioned at the request of Buck Masters, left alone to test how much of the theatrical thrill ride is real and how much is constructed horror.

When the mystery gang discovers another group of partying townspeople, containment is compromised and more bodies start to pile up.  Grace, Elias, and Victoria join the group as Buck unveils the fact that everyone is locked in to the would-be horror fest. The lock-in becomes law, and the investigators are forced to share their space with the new personalities unleashed at Masters’ request.

Once the cast and terms are set, the death count starts piling up in continuously entertaining ways.  Blood flows and guts spray as the hours pass. Who is the mysterious figure clad in black robes? Does the security guard really kick ass? Will the would-be heroes make it out alive?

Will anyone live to tell the truth about Hallow’s Eve?

All-in-all, the film is a fun mash-up between Scooby Doo and Halloween, with mixed results. The handful of jumps and over-the-top characters provide some real entertainment.  Most of the humor is as one-dimensional as the acting, but viewers should find enough gore and guts to get a few kicks along the way.

The soundtrack includes Far From Fallen, Matt Branham, Suspect Stereo, Laid to Rest, Factory Damage, Daniel Benedict and  Dan Hildenbrandt. Branham’s “I’ll Show You” is a notch below Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” from True Blood.

Slaughter on Second Street is a fully functional haunted attraction in Owensboro, KY.

The film’s official site is chock full of goodies like downloads, media files, and webisodes, exclusive videos and interviews. Hallow’s Eve may be just an invitation to greater things awaiting from director P.J. Starks and producer Rodney Newton. Find out for certain at

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