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Hangover Theory

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Sapling Pictures
Web Series
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Keith Jodoin
Dave Johnson
Dave Coyne
Ryan Mitchell
Jodi Niehoff
Blythe Coons
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

A couple of physicians, a bulldog and two hot cosplay girls wake up in Vegas after a night of intense partying. Several participants can’t remember what went down, and one can’t find his pants.

Sound like your Saturday night at Comic-Con every year (or what you wished your Saturday night at Comic-Con was like)? Then Hangover Theory is for you!

Hangover Theory is an original work that takes characters from The Big Bang Theory and drops them in the middle of a twisted version of The Hangover. The action starts when Cooper awakens to find a bulldog on his chest. Cooper (a take on Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper from TBBT) runs to the kitchen where Zachary (think Galifinakis) wakes up in the fridge (along with an eyeball and some chopsticks). Panicked, the pair runs into the other room to find Edward (think Ed Helms’ Stu from The Hangover films) in bed. He’s nestled between a cosplay Princess Leia in slave outfit circa Return of the Jedi, and a redheaded Batgirl. And yes, he’s sporting a new facial tattoo.

And so, the adventure begins. The girls (named Nickel and Dime) give the boys a warning about “walking the cosplay walk”. As they try to reconstruct the events of the night, they get a phone call from a man claiming to be Race Bannon, looking for his bulldog, Bandit. (If this pop culture reference passes you by, don’t worry about it. It’s a callback to a 1960’s cartoon show called Johnny Quest. If you do get this reference, the Race Bannon voiceover track will have you on the floor.) The guys begin a desperate search for the dog, as they try to piece together the festivities.

Hangover Theory is shot and acted well, with each of the cast members slipping into the farcical roles well. Dave Johnson gets kudos for his adoption of Cooper. Parsons’ character is so signature that perfecting his dialect and timing are a real challenge. Johnson nails the part, and gets the best lines in the process. Dave Coyne and Ryan Mitchell (Edward and Zachary, respectively) wind up in this round robin of straight man and absolute over-the-top ridiculousness. Jim Curtis’ Race Bannon voice is an absolute highlight of the production.

Fans of the popular site,, should look for a large number of geek toys from the site. Obvious ones include the Tauntaun sleeping bag, but replay the webisodes several times to see what else might be lying around the trashed hotel room. Hangover Theory is being released as a six-part series of shorts, with the completed film hitting the web on May 23, 2013.

Mashups can be a wonderful thing, right? Think about it. Beethoven vs. Kanye West. The Bee Gees vs. Pink Floyd. Enya vs. The Prodigy. Mowgli vs. Grandmaster Flash. Like any good recipe, a mashup is going to depend on the ingredients. Hangover Theory takes the best from several sources to create a funny, unlikely scenario that will appeal to geeks and geek lovers everywhere.

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