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Hatred Of A Minute

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Anchor Bay
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Michael Kallio
Gunnar Hansen
Michael Kallio
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 Hatred Of A Minute has been long mentioned on This highly anticipated $300,000 independent film was produced by Bruce himself. Shot in 1995 but finished years later and only recently released by Anchor Bay.
Allowances should be made for low budgets but you have to draw the line somewhere. This site sometimes criticises (fairly) some similarly low-budgeted Italian genre films, and I'm gonna have to treat this American film the same way. I'm just a viewer and having spent my hard-earned *cough* cash on this, I'm gonna be honest.
So Michael Kallio stars in Michael Kallio's Hatred Of A Minute, a film about a serial killer called Eric Seaver. I quote, "His rage is ferocious, fueled by a childhood of abuse he suffered at the hands of his brutal stepfather (the legendary Gunnar Hansen...)."
Top-billed Gunnar "Kenny Rogers" Hansen turns up for around two minutes. If that. All I can say about Hansen's performance is that I now know why he only made pig noises in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Mind you, Hansen's acting is still a lot better than Michael Kallio's lead performance. It's a shame that some of the $300,000 couldn't have been spent on a better actor.
As a result of not having any noticeably good actors whatsoever and Kallio being on screen nearly all of the way through, this film really suffers. It's described as a "psychological chiller" but it's definitely not working when your lead actor (who has a shit-load of dialogue!!) displays less acting skills or emotions than the VW beetle cars from the Herbie movies.
On the plus side, the photography, lighting and editing is cool. Everything else isn't. The script is rather dull, the film never shocked me and WAY too much dialogue from blatantly amateur actors really spoils this sometimes embarrassing movie.
"Bruce Campbell presents" - fear those words...
If you're a big Bruce Campbell fan and don't mind spending your cash on shitty disappointing movies, the extras just might interest ya:
-Audio commentary with Bruce Campbell and Michael "ego trip" Kallio
-Audio commentary with the sound designer and Michael "look at me" Kallio
-A 17 minute behind-the-scenes featurette called Hating Every Minute.
-A "World Premiere" *cough* featurette lasting 10 minutes.
-Deleted, alternate and extended scenes (27 minutes)
-Trailer, poster and stills gallery, talent bios and the screenplay
This DVD's print is widescreen with 2.0 sound. As you'd expect from a 16mm shot flick, it's a bit grainy.
The world premiere took place in Michigan. Bruce Campbell and Michael "who moi?" Kallio dresses up in tuxedos just like Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce did many years ago for Evil Dead 1 (a good low budget movie). Bruce and Kallio appear on stage to answer questions and joke around for a few minutes. That was actually the highlight of the entire DVD.
I didn't hate Hatred Of A Minute but I certainly didn't rate it either.

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