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Hey Folks! It’s Intermission Time! Volume 3

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Something Weird
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John Wayne
Cary Grant
Gary Cooper
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Because of the extreme length of this feature and for the comfort of our patrons, there will now be a brief…INTERMISSION!

This is still yet another product chock full of filler, coming attractions and snack bar suggestion from the theaters, inviting, encouraging, all but browbeating you to indulge. This one has a star studded cast so please, everyone no flash photography.

Look everyone; I would have to be half nuts by now if I said that you probably needed as many volumes of this series as I now have. I personally use them to torment my private home audience of friends because when it comes to shock value and raw, raucous fun they have been so desensitized by my hospitality (much less my movie collection) that the only way I can trouble them is by intentionally feeding them visual irony and watching them choke on it like a hastily swallowed Milk Shake candy bar from the 1950’s. As a stand-alone product, these things are for film buffs only, but as part of evenings movie night treat entertaining friends, this will only confirm the rumors among your own private theater crew that you have EVERYTHING when it comes to film….Yet all of this has been said before.

What makes Volume 3 unique is the fact that it has several short spots by Hollywood stars asking you to give to charities; Elizabeth Montgomery hawking for US Savings Bonds, Gary Cooper asking you to donate to the Easter seals and Eddie Fisher pleading for the national education association. It is nice to see Hollywood stars from the golden age acting philanthropically; back when Hollywood kings and queens actually pretended that they were just human.

And as for Hollywood alumni, Donn Davidson is on hand to hype up spook show spectacular and later to promote sexual manuals to drive in theater patrons under the guise of performing a public service. Donn Davidson was a Southern gentleman, a snake oil salesman and an early cult director who gave us such forgettable classics such as Shanty Town Honeymoon, McCullough’s Mountain and Secrets of the Gods.  While I have always remembered him as kind of a consummate Southern huckster; the Colonel Sanders of cult film, he does make the screen his own; a true personality in a series of films that have been thus far featuring rotating candy bars as it’s only stars.

Because most of this flick is filled with all-star appearances and long dead movie stars asking us to spare some money for their favorite charity, there isn’t the usual large amount of shorts featuring insane dissonant images of archaic American life which indicate the sensibilities of the day; so different from our own modern culture. However, there is a brief short which encourages us to “take part in our local house of worship” and to “keep religion as part of our American life”.  The irony comes of course at the realization that no such public service announcement would be tolerated today at a public screening of a modern film, because atheist groups would likely protest and boycott/burn down the theater.

All in all this is probably the best volume in the series thus far.  What this edition lacks in silly, snarky culture clash it more than makes up for by FINALLY including the “Let’s go out to the lobby” Dave Fliescher cartoon starring the four dancing snacks from 1953. This is probably the most popular example of an intermission short feature; the dancing snacks selling themselves to be eaten is surreal, the background music sticks in your head like an earworm, and personally I have always wanted to own a copy of it on DVD (which is secretly why I have been selecting these titles to begin with for review).

Seriously, check this out.

This brief snippet is probably the only G Rated animated footage that ever made me grin sincerely in 20 years. Personally, I think it’s about time they included it. I’ve already been through two DVD’s (four hours) of this stuff and it’s been advertised on the cover of every volume thus far. Finally, many of the shorts have a Christmas theme, which just happened to be a happy accident because I found myself really needing a holiday push this December 2011.

Even though this is the best volume of this particular series, I must concede that many people may still not dig the idea of watching countdowns for movies that will never come.  However, if anything I have ever said about any one of these products in my various reviews of them has ever sounded kind of neat, where you would ever consider buying just one of them, Volume 3 is obviously the one I would choose. As usual, there are no extras per se, on the disk. Yet because it’s ten bucks and two hours long and gives you more material than you ever possibly needed (or perhaps wanted) regarding the subject matter I have decided to impose my usual “Sin’s Bin Bonus” to the large container of content to be found here, granting an extra skull.

So let’s all follow the film link, to get ourselves a treat!

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