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Hey Folks! It's Intermission Time! Volume 2

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Something Weird
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Various Foodstuffs
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Hey folks, It's Intermission Time! Volume 2!

Yet another two hour video filled with concession stand advertisements, filler and shameless self promotion for theaters that haven't been in business for decades advertising products that by and large do not exist anymore.  But now is not the time to mourn the cultural staples of the day such as the “Milk shake” candy bar or the “Toddy” chocolate flavored drink. As always with these things, the true entertainment value comes from the unintentional insanity of it all.

Volume 2 does have it's moments. Chock full of Holiday ad's and promotions from back in the day when Christmas was used without exclusion in advertising, we are treated to footage of a black and white Santa who reads us the following diatribe on the TRUE meaning of the holidays: "May your celebration be filled with all of the good things of life and may the spirit of peace and happiness love and good fellowship which is the true meaning of Christmas encompassing your entire family.” and while this seems traditional, non materialistic, perhaps even some level of poignant, the mere he fact he passes out gifts during the entire speech to an endless horde of greedy gift grabbing hands of anonymous strangers, kind of dulls the non materialism of the message.  But far worse than the consumerism is the threat of tuberculosis which reportedly affects one person every five minutes.  Thankfully the disease can be warded off by early detection, vaccinations and apparently somehow by the purchase of Easter seals. But obsolete diseases aren't the worst of the madness in this in second installment of bumpers and filler. Apparently there was once a place called Security State Bank some fifty years ago that offered you “unusual services” little things like drive in/walk up banking, and by mail-free parking?  (I am guessing this involves mailing them your car and driving it back home later).   Obsolescence abounds in other places as well, especially in the vintage ad from Waters Motor company which promises that Dollar for dollar, you can't beat the Pontiac”  (never mind the fact that they stopped making them forever in 2009).  Perhaps wackiest all is the western themed concession stand cartoon which informs kids that “Candy is a delicious food, so eat it every day” which comes across an evil form of pro-cavity propaganda announcement broadcast from hell itself.  It isn't all saccharine brain rot however, as part of the holiday promos there is a sing a long complete with bouncing ball meant for New Years Eve which urges, actually COMMANDS the studio audience to sing the song Auld Lang Syne with their neighbors.  While it was nice to learn that this classic drinking song actually had a second or third verse, I am shocked to remember a day where the viewer was actually encouraged, instructed actually to sing along with the other patrons instead of just getting them kicked out for talking on their cell phones. This truly was a different time indeed.

I use these things as filler between movies to give people a chance to do disgustingly human things between pictures, but this one complicates matters because it has a random collection of holidays throughout its duration.  Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas and Halloween with no chronological order whatsoever. You could show this thing at any time of year and it would seem somehow wildly inappropriate because most of the holidays it mentions would still be several months away.  At the very least they could have cut this thing so the Christmas promos were all in one area of the disk for example, but the random assortment of holidays makes the year seem like it just zipping by and you are wasting it watching filler like this.  The worst moment of all for this reviewer was where the feature forced us to watch a clock counting down for ten minutes before “the show” all the while it encouraged me to “hurry to the snack bar while there was still time”.  I can find no use for this product except to alienate my friends dangerously beyond the point of impish annoyance (my specialty) to the point of actual hatred toward me and my media collection, an irrevocable place indeed where they never come back to my parties anymore because of the crap I play, which is senseless indeed for I already have Billy Idol CD's for that. 

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