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Immortal (Blu-ray)

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Immortal Ad Vitum
Release Date: 
First Look
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Directed by: 
Enki Bilal
Linda Hardy
Thomas Kretschmann
Charlotte Rampling
Yann Collette
Frederic Pierrot
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Manhattan, 2095.


The sky above the city centers on the giant pyramid where the Egyptian Gods dwell. Below, in the city, the corporation called Eugenics rounds up mutants, effectively sterilizing them with their experiments. One new captive of Eugenics is Jill, a girl with blue hair and blue tears, who has powers she doesn’t understand.

Jill is at the center of several intersecting stories. The most notable is the presence of the Egyptian God Horus as he falls to Earth. Horus has been cast from the pyramids and given seven days to find a human host body and a mate, or he loses his immortality. That host body comes in the form of Nikopol, a prisoner who is accidentally released from his holding facility a year before his sentence is up. Horus saves his life and uses him to make Jill the target for his sexual conquest.

Meanwhile, the police are tracking a serial killer who may or may not be human. The politicians are in bed with Eugenics, and corruption flows through both organizations like a virus. Nikopol and Jill meet, and she begins to grow and understand what it is to be a human woman. Nikopol and Horus fight as the human host begins to become emotionally anchored to the blue-haired beauty, while the God seeks only to fulfill his duty and impregnate her.

That’s a lot to follow, and that’s just the start.  To make things even more complex, Immortal combines live action, green screen, and CGI as the storylines begin to converge.  The 2004-2005 timeframe saw studios leverage this combination of filming techniques in movies like “Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow” and “Sin City”.  This set of techniques is probably the only way that Immortal could get make the transition from Bilal’s original graphic novels to film.

Suspiriorium originally reviewed the film HERE.  I agree with his synopsis that the film is best served by those who are familiar with the source material. Those who aren’t familiar with the source material may have a hard time keeping up with all the intertwining story lines (which come from Bilal’s first two books, “Carnival of the Immortals” and “The Woman Trap.”) Some of the visuals are very cool, but the depictions of key characters turned CGI may leave viewers disappointed.

The blu-ray disc is well presented, and the visuals that work, work well. Extras include a 30-minute “Making of Immortal” featurette, trailers, and previews for other First Look flicks including a Miike Western, a John Woo Mafia movie, and a hitman flick featuring both John and Joan Cusak.

Audio options include Dolby 5.1 True HD, and subtitles in English and Spanish.

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