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Jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

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Michael Cooney
Christopher Allport
Eileen Seeley
Chip Heller
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 Sam Tiler is a tortured man (not nearly as tortured as viewers of this particular film, but tortured), the bearer of a dangerous secret.  Tiler (Allport) managed to do away with the evil mutant snowman, Jack Frost (voiced by Scott MacDonald), finishing him off with anti-freeze, and burying him in an unmarked grave.
Funny how evil mutant snowmen have a way of not staying deceased.
Tiler takes his family on a vacation to get away from the ridicule and embarrassment he’s facing when a clumsy janitor knocks hot cocoa, or hot dry ice in this case, into the chamber where scientists are trying to revive Jack.  Instantly, he’s killed and Jack is loose in Snowmonton (yes, the town is named Snowmonton) once again.
Of course, Sam’s vacation takes him to an island full of young, buxom women, and the obligatory overacting flaming Asian. The resort is run by Colonel Hickering (Cooney) and characters like Captain Fun, Ashley and Paisley.  These folks are just begging to have their bones imploded.  (It’s also not far off from the campy Club Dread, with more cartoon violence and fewer great breasts.)
Everything about the snowman’s murderous ways is completely overblown, including the hilarious murder of the girls.  Jack wastes no time puncturing, bludgeoning and impaling them.  So much for his more sedate days of just trying to bone Shannon Elizabeth with a carrot.
As a matter of fact, everything in the film is overdone, from the attacks to the accents.  Billingsley and his counterpart are one level, Agent Manners’ (Brooks) gung-ho machismo is even more ramped up.  Melanie Good appears in the film too, or at least her breasts do. 
Try picturing a hippie broad-siding a snowman with an oar, and you’re starting to get warm with what JF2 is all about.  Throw in the eye-patch wearing detective holding off the snowman with a super soaker (with a laser scope, of course), and you’re getting warmer. 
The pacing of the film is well done, or at least, the pacing of the kills.  The film doesn’t go very long without a death from frame one.  Once the snowballs start flying, shit gets positively insane.  One thing you can’t fault the film for is the unnecessary addition of a ton of nameless characters just to up the body count. 
As much fun as the first Jack Frost film was, the second was clearly written by Cooney with the intention of really going for the grand slam in corniness.  In a way, he succeeded when the film was nominated as Trashiest Film in the 2001 Golden Trailer Awards.  Not satisfied with the crazy snowman as an enemy, the second film brings out an army of beer-swilling, finger-chewing snowballs.
I could tell you what kills the snowballs, but if you’ve sat through this much of the calamity of a film, you deserve to find out for yourself.  Actually, if you’re this far in, I pray there’s 151 involved.
There’s a great cameo by Ian Abercrombie as Sam’s shrink.  Abercrombie is no stranger to the genre, appearing in episodes of Buffy and Babylon 5, as well as Army of Darkness.
Allport makes a valiant effort at playing panicked Sam given the ridiculousness of the plot.  The best supporting…or rather, most annoying…actress goes to Clark as Marla, whose every line contains the phrase “Jack Frost is dead.”
The credits contain a funny Jackzilla bit, and stick around after the credits for a bit more.  The DVD contains a commentary track, Spanish subtitles, an interview with Cooney, some behind the scenes footing and trailers from Ardustry.  The music video for “Here’s Jack” is ridiculous, made during the course of filming, and includes a rap by Captain Fun.

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