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Love Camp 7

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Something Weird
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R.L. Frost
Bob Cresse
Maria Lease
Kathy Williams
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Nazisplotation is perhaps the sleaziest form of the nastiest nudie films in existence.  Imagine a woman’s prison movie where the guards are not just thugs and perverts, but military trained men, soldiers from the most hated and brutal regime in existence? Chock full of state sponsored murder, senseless torture and diabolical medical experiments inspired by actual historical occurrences which have been corrupted; twisted to form some of the darkest, dirtiest unrated smut ever to be pressed to silicone such films are loathed by people with good tastes as they are sought after by people with bad film collections. Today’s selection is R.L. Frost’s LOVE CAMP 7, which is widely regarded to be the first NAZISPLOITATION movie ever made.  So let’s take a look back to another stark yet senseless fictionalized account of German pride and male shame, where films like this would make riding crops and tall leather boots forever fetishized as clothing accouterments of waging both love and war.

Told in flashback, Love Camp Is the story of two Army Lieutenants: Linda and Grace, who are asked to assume the roles of two mild mannered prostitutes in order to infiltrate a camp and save another female scientist interred there. This scientist  just happens to have information about a new jet engine which could be used to turn the tide of the war for the Allies. In no time at all,  they are arrested (as planned) by the Gestapo, where they will join several other Jewish women as love slaves for the Third Reich (WHAT?). Of course, the life of a Jewish prostitute in a Nazi camp is anything but dull, and this film sets trends of titillation and torture that still shock to this day.  Also noteworthy is the first use of several sexploitation tricks and tropes that would be recycled in every women’s prison flick ever made: they have the butch female doctor, the forced group shower scene upon arrival (courtesy of a single high pressure hose), and the excuses piling upon excuses of why women must be constantly stripped naked, fondled, strapped to this or that at all times, and abused in ways that make no damned sense whatsoever.

At the end of the day this film doesn’t show its age (except for the color footage). "Good" Nazisploitation seldom does. Moreover, as in older World War 2 films, the GERMAN uniforms look chillingly authentic (because they were usually "borrowed" from more expensive WW2 productions). The action violence is actually realistic, and one of our two heroines do manage to find some sort of happiness for themselves in their post-military service, albeit not in any way that would redeem this picture from a feminist perspective (she is happily married to the military official who sent her on the mission to begin with).

Whether you are in the mood to see the exact point in history where mankind or war films went horribly awry, this has got you covered.  Prisoners are whipped for no apparent reason in long extravagant scenes that have nothing to do with interrogation (even though they hadn’t learned how to dub the “crack” sound of the whip yet).  Tortures were synchronized to loud flourishes of a trumpet (a blaring note being played with every blow inflicted onto a bound, helpless victim). The ubiquitous fat camp commandant/warden archetype character (who usually looks like Sgt. Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes) makes his first appearance here, a loud, pudgy little sadomasochistic asshole that usually dies very badly by the films end…

I am not going to say this is a good film, that it is engrossing, or is remotely historically accurate. It is in fact, a vile, sensationalistic pile of garbage that is both disrespectful to women as well as to anyone whose descendants suffered or died because of the power mad dreams of a certain maladjusted Austrian Man with a strange moustache less than a century ago. Yet because I review the movies that others said wouldn’t be, couldn’t be (and in all honesty probably shouldn’t be) reviewed, let me just say that when it comes to sexploitation roughies, this is “awful nasty” if you can forgive some of the “evil Nazi” iconography and themes onscreen. So whether you want to see one of the first Nazi sex films, one of the worst, or you simply must complete your collection of  “romantic atrocities”, Love Camp #7 is a must.

Special features include many trailers and filler material that give usual definition to the term “something weird”.

And If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says "Fifteen Miles to the...LOVE CAMP" here.






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