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Nekromantik 2

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Cult Epics
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Jorg Buttgereit
Monika M.
Mark Reeder
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Last year I reviewed NEKROMANTIK, the infamous underground, cult classic film from the days of VHS and none other than the most disgusting film I have ever seen in my life, at least for the past few decades. While I have known there was a sequel available for years, discretion and personal taste kept me from bothering to so much as rent it just to see how the story finishes, (my usual completest tendencies be damned). Of course, I wasn't counting on receiving it in my review pile. Let us take a final, unbiased look at the cinematic treatment of necrophilia and see if it makes us stiff in the right places...

The film begins right as the last ended with a certain familiar character lying in bed, committing suicide, ejaculating blood and semen from his appropriate orifices, getting off even as he "gets off" in a more cosmic existential sense. Normally this would have been the permanent ending to any film series, but viewers of the last film know by now that NEKROMANTIK operates by its own disgusting logic beyond all expected reason. The real beginning of the film is where a pretty nurse named Monika is shown digging up the grave and stealing the corpse. Of course she does! The rest of the film becomes a tale of mental illness and addiction as we watch Monika vacillate between with her secret necrophilia obsession and her normal, reasonably healthy romance with a man named Mark who offers her a normal romantic relationship. After trying every possible way to have it both ways and keep her deranged tendencies a secret, Monika develops an ultimate plan of action, the hardest possible integration of her two lovers, a sex act dripping with both life and death incarnate, the culmination of which will never leave her feeling lonely or alone ever again, but at what disgusting cost? That's a spoiler too far, and I am sure the answer will delight and sicken you if you are a fan of the first one.

I am going to go against all internet reviewing convention here and say that this film was better than the first one, at least for me. For one thing, while the original film contained no likable characters that I or any sane person could identify with, this film has at least one normal protagonist that allows us to root for at least one aspect of its plot progression. Moreover, the scene where a live rabbit was killed, butchered and cut up has been replaced by stale, stock footage of an autopsy on an already dead seal by people who were obviously zoologists and obviously not butchering it just for the sake of a movie. While I found this scene positively repellant and disgusting, I did accept its ultimate use in the film as the sorts of things that Monika might watch with her girlfriends as part of her death fetish. Finally, if you can get beyond the unblinking, disgusting depictions of simulated "cadaver coitus" in this film, you will be rewarded with at least some semblance of sensible, traditional plot structure which is an advancement over the first film which was designed by the director Jörg Buttgereit as not even a work of art to be enjoyed on even the most basic sensory level but simply to get it banned in as many countries as possible. If the scathing, sickening visuals are the only reason you liked the first movie, (and I can think of no other reason of why it is a truly remarkable film, critically speaking, except for how absolutely disgusting it is) well then this sequel will disappoint you. As for me, I will even go so far to say that if this film had been released first, before NEKROMANTIK, I imagine that people would be absolutely livid, at how dross, gross and non-objective it was as compared to NEKROMANTIK 2. Nonetheless, I am glad I finally watched this film after 20 years of putting it off, even if it forever changes my perception of my immediate mental picture whenever I hear the words "sexy body” in a film discussion. NEKROMANTIK 2, it’s a "better death" than this series deserved, though this Blu-ray is the absolutely best presentation of this film that the world has ever seen until this date.

Extras include a director's approves HD transfer, A new introduction By Jörg Buttgereit, Audio Commentary, the Making of, a music video, and the original Motion picture soundtrack...among many other things.


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