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Perfect Creature

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Glenn Standring
Dougray Scott
Leo Gregory
Saffron Burrows
Scott Wills
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Genetic Exploitation. Mutation. Super-Powered Beings. Familiar with the concept? Sure! By now, audiences have seen multiple live and cartoon versions of the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man and a cavalcade of other characters. Perfect Creature extends the process of genetic exploitation further; creating a super-powered race of vampires called the Brotherhood.

(Note: Do not panic! This super-powered group of vampires is not related to director David DeCoteau’s uber-homoerotic Brotherhood movie franchise. They do not use super strength, speed or shapeshifting to pound frat boys from behind without warning.)

The Brotherhood has lived alongside mankind for centuries until one of their kind was born rogue, with the capability to destroy humans and vampires alike. This dangerous being is Edgar. He has become the first vampire (the film uses the term “brother”) to take a human life in 300 years. Unlike what most viewers have come to take as a stereotype for the vampire; a predatory beast slave to the undeniable hunger to take human life, the brothers have played guardian angel over mankind for centuries.

Edgar is also the half-brother of the vampire policeman, Silus. As Silus seeks to stop Edgar’s murderous ways, he crosses paths with the human cop on the same case, the hard-nosed Lilly. The pair of cops chase Edgar’s trail, each trying to educate the other on what the deadly vampire’s impact could be on their respective races. Their world’s come together with crushing force when Edgar chooses to make Lilly his target.

Edgar spreads his disease directly and indirectly until the entire country is affected. The ultimatum is made clear: murder innocents for the good of mankind.  Is Edgar’s true goal to infect all of mankind or simply to have his vengeance on Silus for the betrayal that has made him what’s he’s become?

Director/Writer Glenn Standring paces Perfect Creature with an expert combination of light and shadow, panoramic external shots and close-ups. The use of audio-only flashbacks provides audiences with insight into the hollow shell that Lilly has become through her suffering. Saffron Burrows (Troy, The Bank Job) draws a human innocence out of everyone around her, playing the counterpart to Dougray Scott’s cold, analytical Silus. Leo Gregory is accurately unhinged as Edgar, self-absorbed and manic, reminiscent of Clancy Brown’s Kurgan in Highlander. Scott Wills (Interrogation) earns a nod as the back-to-the-wall Detective Jones, caught between his own feelings for Lilly and the greater good.

In terms of The Gathering, The Brotherhood is a subdued version of the Toreador; living in high class elegance. Edgar would be the first of the Gangrel; the only brother ever to embrace the wild animal nature of a vampire in centuries. Perfect Creature claims no allegiance to The Gathering or to any other vampire-based mythos. Standring has found his unique niche by making vampires subservient, only to shatter their slavery through Edgar’s creation.

Perfect Creature is available on DVD with Spanish and French subtitles. The film runs 88 minutes at a widescreen ration of 2:35:1. Extras include featurettes on the making and designing of the movie.

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