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Serena: An Adult Fairy Tale

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Fred J Lincoln
China Leigh
Jamie Gillis
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There is nothing so common to adult film as a retelling of a fairy tale especially that of the story of Cinderella in porno form. Whether it is the universal appeal of a rags to riches story, the delicious irony of corrupting an ancient fairy tale into something that would make Walt Disney spin in his grave or merely the fact that all Fairy tales are all easily retrofitted into works of pornography as they are both incredibly simplistic in plot, bombastic in execution and are usually a simple display of wondrous and fantastic unreality fit for the wanton visual delight of undeveloped minds of all ages. This film is called SERENA AN ADULT FAIRY TALE, a take on the same centuries old kiddie tale that gives new meaning to the word “bedtime story”.

Serena is a handmaiden to her Stepmother Diane who makes her do menial work and to participate in sex with whatever male visitor (John) comes over to the brothel in which she owns. Still true to her capacity as maid and underling she is primarily used in these scenes help soak up the excess fluids spilled by Diane’s liaisons as some kind of living Bounty sexual paper towel. Apparently this turn of fate is most unsettling to watch by her Fairy Godmother (a similarly aged actress played by China Leigh) So the sexy sprite visits Serena and after the usual friendly lesbian chow down of compassionate understanding she then mysteriously disappears from her bed in a single blink of a film frame I DREAM OF JEANNIE style. Perhaps it was all a dream?

More scenes ensue of complete and utter sex all set to a classical music soundtrack which is not only strangely apropos for the period they are trying to present in this film, but perhaps lucky as all the copyrights have long expired for these musical selections. AgainSerena is ordered to participate in other sex scenes as the Madame and her evil Stepdaughter (three other whores) invite her into the next room so they can each utilize her in a variety of demeaning supporting roles as they have sex with yet another man, ordering her to “get back to work” the moment, the second actually, after they have no further use for her.

Like all 1970’s porn there isn’t much in the way of costume, personal hygiene wit or comedic relief but as most of the films of this fledgling decade there is an undertone of complete roughness to it that borders on the verge of sexploitation impropriety but is not forcible enough to be considered rape, which was illegal to depict onscreen for widely distributed films of the day. Serena the poor stepdaughter is used as a mindless sex slave throughout much of this and while there are no scenes of violence or physical coercion there is a constant dynamic of complete and utter submission being expressed by her in every scene whether she is ordered to crawl across the floor to join her mistresses in their perpetual three ways or being instructed to scrub the other women in a shower all the way to the scene where she is doused with a bucket of her own with filthy mop water to wash away the influence of yet another anonymous gentleman caller after he “arrives”. Still throughout it all, Serena endures and thrives in this environment and is so insatiable she is often prone to spontaneous fits of masturbation in those scant few seconds at the beginning of every scene before another, higher ranking woman of the household orders her into the room to clean up a mess, or perhaps more accurately, to allow one to always be ultimately inflicted onto some part of her anatomy in the closing moments of a scene.

In time Serena is invited to the midnight ball (orgy) where she makes an impression on the prince that after the stroke of midnight and he loses touch with her he has to try out every girl in the room in order to find her again. Once this is done they have the only tasteful lovemaking scene in this film that doesn’t involve at least three people and doesn’t look like it was filmed at gunpoint. You can tell the Prince is a real gentleman of certain gentility and chivalrous noble station because he is the first man in the film who doesn’t finish all over her face at the end of the scene while telling her to “clean that up”. Storybook romances always get me so misty. I have to go now; I think I have got something caught in my eye.

This review should end now. Truth be told I hate writing about brutal, detailed explicit sex acts in a review, (because talking about such things bores me and is worse yet, inelegant) but there really was nothing else going on here. If you like the gritty, zero budget adult films of the seventies where the concept of “consent” was an bigger impenetrable thicket to ponder than the dense patches of onscreen pubic hair you may give this a three because it has some really detailed depictions of the farther reaches of S+M type “abuse of power” action that you just don’t see any more in mainstream adult film. The print of the film seems remastered and truth be told, probably looks better now than it did in the day.

Extras include Nothing.

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