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Silent Bloodnight

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Brain Damage
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Elmar Weihsmann
Stefan Peczelt
Vanessa Vee
Robert Cleaner
Monica Baci
Alexander F Fennon
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"Silent Bloodnight" will get no marks for originality: it's just an '80s-style slasher movie -- no more, no less. However, I'd wager a bet that you won't have seen a slasher movie from Austria before, and you certainly will not see a slasher movie as inadvertently insane as this one.
Stefan Peczelt and Elmar Weihsmann, the writer/director team behind this crazy movie, are not exactly the Coen Brothers; but this latest release on UK imprint Brain Damage Films is competently enough put together, and does at least look to have been shot on film rather than DV (unlike most other indie efforts these days), more than likely on 16mm. However, despite its being made with an entirely Austrian cast, the strange (but commercially understandable) decision has been taken somewhere down the line to shoot the whole thing in English! Much unintentional hilarity results from this one fateful decision; every scene is shot through with a host of baffling mispronunciations, malapropisms and a weirdly stilted intonation from a cast who, whether they're playing a deranged killer or a buxom bikini babe, all have accents that make them sound exactly like a slightly confused Arnold Schwarzenegger; many of them seem to be speaking their lines phonetically, without too much idea of what they're actually saying. Not surprisingly, nearly all the performances in the film are eccentric to say the least, which results only in making this one of the funniest flicks I've seen in a good while. That may not have been the original intention, but one must take one's pleasures where one finds them when wading through the mire of low budget indie schlock.
A rather confused prologue sets the scene for the coming saga, and already there is enough inveterate dottiness on display to alert us to the idea that there may be some small degree of unwonted entertainment value in the coming on-screen antics. An ungainly young woman is seen flitting along a lakeside path at night, dressed only in a thin night-gown while, for some reason, nibbling on a large bar of chocolate (?) She eventually stops to spy on some skinny-dipping young adults -- three males and one female. Meanwhile, Sabrina (Vanessa Vee) and her boyfriend drive up to the lake, also with a view to indulge themselves in some naked night swimming. However, the presence of the other group puts them off, so they make do with some back-seat necking instead. The strange girl with the chocolate bar follows a girl and one of the boys from the skinny dipping group into the woods and continues munching on her chocolate while she watches them have sex on a tree stump. The two other boys from the group creep up on her from behind and silently begin groping her ... but she continues to eat her chocolate as though unaware and unconcerned by their actions!
The two who were having sex finish up, and the girl goes back to her room to pick up the rest of her clothes. But a grizzled-looking man in a floppy Indiana Jones-style hat burst in while pursuing another man, whom he then kills with a shovel through the gut! The girl escapes into the night and at one point, in her panic, slams into the car where Sabrina and her boyfriend are now having full-on sex in the back-seat. Sabrina sees her terrified blood-spattered face pressed against the car window, but her boyfriend is too lost in his orgasmic thrusting to give a toss about his girlfriend's screams of fear! Meanwhile the pursued girl tries to hide in a reed bed on the edge of the lake, but the killer finds her and eventually drowns her in the midnight water. The dead girl's boyfriend turns up and asks Sabrina if they've seen her, but despite Sabrina's protestations, her own boyfriend still doesn't believe her story and isn't too concerned about helping out in the search, now that he's got what he came for.
The next morning Sabrina is convinced she may have witnessed an assault or even a murder. But strangely, the boy that the drowned girl was having sex with the night before now claims that he later found her and that she'd then gone back home. Soon, the holiday resort where all this has taken place is bursting with more bikini-clad college pals of Sabrina and her boyfriend, and none of them are very interested in looking for clues. However Sabrina, who is filming a resort news feature with a friend, finds a necklace in the lake which she is convinced belonged to the girl she saw the night before. She is also convinced that the girl's boyfriend, Jacob (Robert Cleaner) is hiding something; he claims that his mentally handicapped sister is being looked after in a mental hospital, since his father has mysteriously gone missing after threatening to commit suicide. When Sabrina checks up with the hospital though, they have never heard of Jacob's sister. Soon enough, the busty bikini-clad detective comes to the attention of the killer; more bodies start piling up, anyone who may have been a witness to the events of that fateful night starts disappearing. Sabrina's policeman father refuses to believe her though, even when the body of a girl turns up in the lake, a waitress at a nearby bar is found stung to death by bees, and a woman in white menaces Sabrina in her bed with a knife!
This all probably sounds prosaic enough. Indeed, it really is a slasher-by-numbers in all respects except its execution. The acting and all the performances (and I emphasis *all* the performances!) are completely loopy! There is little attempt to disguise the identity of the killer and his accomplice either, although all of the film's rather dim characters seem particularly slow to cotton-on, leaving the pair ample time to decimate the cast (and almost everyone dies by the end credits). There are one or two amusing little bits of business, such as the killer's habit of attracting his accomplice's attention by loudly whistling him from some nearby bushes, even when there are other people present who can hear perfectly well what is going on! The nudity level is particularly high in this one, especially towards the end when it reaches soft porn levels with a fairly grunt-&-grind, vérité sex scene and some very frank scenes of both female and male full-frontal nudity. Mostly though, this is just a dead funny example of cheap b-movie schlock, where even the attempts at gore are so feeble as to induce only mirth.
Like all the films on the Brain Damage label, the film is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. The transfer is fairly soft and dark. The film looks like it was probably shot on 16mm so it's doubtful it could have looked that much better though. The only extras are the usual collection of trailers for other titles on the Brain Damage Films label. 

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