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Slumber Party Massacre

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Head Cheeze
Release Date: 
New Concorde
Aspect Ratio: 
Directed by: 
Amy Holden Jones
Michelle Michaels
Robin Stille
Michael Villella
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 The Slumber Party series all share a common bond (as well as vary wildly in quality, but that's for another review) in that they were all written and directed by women. While one would think that this would offer a fresh, feminine take on the genre, that isn't the case at all. Instead, the film's all feature even more insultingly stereotypical female victims, loads of T&A, and enough blood to quench the thirsts of even the most demanding of gore hounds. In other words, these ladies did what may have once been considered a man's job in making these exploitation gems.
The story, or what little there is, revolves around a group of hot female basketball players (remember, this is fiction) who have a sleepover on the same night a crazed killer escapes from a mental asylum. The killer arms himself with a big, unwieldy power drill (with a seemingly endless battery life) and begins drilling up the gals and there guy pals, occasionally taking breaks to allow for a few breast shots.
Kurowsawa would be proud.
Mainly, the film is carried along by the promise of more skin and murders with no real sense of rhyme or reason holding it together, yet somehow keeping enough of our attention to make it interesting. It's a bit like catching a neighbor changing in their window. Look once? You're just being nosey. Look twice, you might as well pull up a chair, because you are going to stare out that window until you get some free nudity, damnit!! You deserve it!!
Well, sitting through The Slumber Party Massacre feels the same way. You watch at first out of curiosity, then lurid fascination, until finally, the lights go out and it goes to bed, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and ultimately cheapened by the whole experience, yet perfectly aware that given the opportunity you would do it all over. It's stupid, pointless, and oftentimes infuriating, but it's never boring, and, hell, everyone needs a cheap thrill once in awhile.
New Concorde's DVD offers a pretty rough looking transfer, but since Roger Corman owns the bloody company one wouldn't expect anything less (or more?). It's widescreen and looks better than video, so take that for what it's worth. The sound is decent, but you'll have to deal with a mono track that rumbles and distorts when the "tense" music kicks in. Then again, the soundtrack is so cheezy, I would be very surprised if it ever didn't. Extras include bios for the virtually unknown cast, and a lengthy one about Corman, a few trailers that are a hoot, and scene access, but since each film in the series can be had for $10 dollars or less (I picked up all three for less than $24 bucks!) it's a miracle that there's even a disc in the case. Corman's been known to cut corners!
The Slumber Party Massacre is an absolutely pointless yet ultimately entertaining slasher that won't give you any sort of cerebral workout, saving your valuable brain power for more demanding endeavors, like petting a cat or remembering to breath.

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