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Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts

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Hidehiro Ito
Mina Asami
Kazuyo Ezaki
Hiroshi Fukami
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During the 1970’s while American cult film lovers were frequenting the Grindhouse and drive-in scenes, in Japan, Nikkatsu was making a name for itself with its “Roman Porno” erotic line. Between 1971 and 1989 the studio released over a thousand “Pink Cinema” films, and now thanks to Impulse pictures, those of us in America are finally going to get to see (at least 25 of) them for the first time.  Subtitled, chock full of half-naked Asian cuties and filled with all manner of bizarre Japanese fetishism, let us examine this collection in order of release and see if American audiences have a “yen” for this sort of thing?

This is the sexualized story of a beautiful Asian Nurse, the likes of which we haven’t seen in this series since Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger .  Additionally, for those of you who like erotic films involving naughty nurses this is certainly a harder film than the handful of those soft-core nurse splotation films directed by Roger Corman in the seventies, reviewed here.

With no slight to Mr Corman it can be said that very few unrated erotic films released anywhere compare to the raw nature of Nikkatsu’s ”Romantic Porno”. 

Shinobu is the pretty young virginal hospital worker as depicted in the cover.  She eventually meets the deranged, precocious alcoholic sex starved administrator’s son named Junior. Despite her protests to the contrary and an admirable attempt to stave off his advances, Junior will simply not let matters rest until he has done everything to her that you may you expect him to, numerous times in fact, and in every possible way.  I can understand if this isn’t fun to hear in a review of a product for some people.  And I would be lying if I said that the Japanese take the crime of rape seriously, but if you are offended by erotic, unrated depictions of sexual assault it might be best to stop reading this review now because it is about to get worse.

“How can it get worse than that?” The more curious members of the horrorview reading demographic are surely asking now, Of course lengthy, violent rape scenes shot in the exact camera blocking of a censored sex scene are nothing new to the series, but this one portrays a “romantic relationship” element to this film that is perhaps even more somehow offensive, and difficult to reconcile with normal human emotion.

Masaru is Junior’s meek chauffer and personal attendant who has played second banana to his more influential friend for his entire life.  The moment he sees Shinobu he falls in absolute love with her, but his sense of duty to his insane, sadistic evil boss prevents him from getting in the way even as Junior savagely rapes her ahead of him. As an attempt of distinctively “Pink Cinema” comedy relief at this otherwise tense moment an elderly patient who could not achieve an erection in the first part of the film watches this lengthy sexual assault from the window along with his physician and discovers that he is somehow “cured”.  Umm…yeah….

Eventually Masaru comes to his senses and resigns from Junior’s employ after some much overdue ass kicking and then scours the streets looking for Shinobu. He eventually finds her in a medical themed sex club she randomly wandered into, so dazed from her recent attack that she doesn’t seem to notice that she is currently having sex with a complete stranger just as every other “nurse”  prostitute in the room.  He then tells her about his unrequited longing for her and she goes home with him and they make sweet love. A perfect ending? Perhaps it would have been, if it was an erotic film from any country in the world but Japan…

The film ends as Masaru makes desperate love to Shinobu many times in many different ways all no avail all the while she tells him that “Junior was better” insinuating that she simply can’t climax like she did when she was violently raped.  This makes Masaru so angry and eager to prove himself he starts getting violent, forceful and angry with her.  Suddenly she realizes it was Masaru that she loved all along as she starts to climax wildly. As always with this series, sometimes the little nuances of plot are far more offensive than any unrated sex scene could be.  Strong medicine indeed…

At 56 minutes this volume is the shortest by far, yet one of the most succinct and Shinobu is perhaps one of the more attractive Asian lady main characters ever seen in one of these films thus far, (hell she is perfect looking).  I can’t say I agree with this fusion of sex, violence and the distinctively comedic albiet cruel look at love but for those of you who don’t take this stuff too seriously; this “white coat” will chill your most basic human sensibilities with all the subtlety of a liquid nitrogen enema. As usual, this Nikkatsu take on health care will surely bring out the “sickness” in you.

Extras include a trailer for the film and the usual detailed synopsis.


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