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True Story of A Woman in Jail: Continues

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Women in Prison
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Koyu Ohara
Machiko Aoki
Mihoko Arikawa
Hitomi Kozue
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During the 1970’s while American cult film lovers were frequenting the Grindhouse and drive-in scenes, in Japan, Nikkatsu was making a name for itself with its “Roman Porno” erotic line. Between 1971 and 1989 the studio released over a thousand “Pink Cinema” films, and now thanks to Impulse pictures, those of us in America are finally going to get to see (at least 25 of) them for the first time.  Subtitled, chock full of half-naked Asian cuties and filled with all manner of bizarre Japanese fetishism, let us examine this collection in order of release and see if American audiences have a “yen” for this sort of thing?

Volume 6 is a direct sequel to the second Nikkatsu Pink Cinema Film I reviewed here.

It seems Mayumi is back, and this time she is pissed. Not only is she once again behind bars for killing some of the men who raped her and her mother, but she has run afoul of a girl gang in the opening moments of the film, and they torture her with the usual blend of sorority house hazing games gone horribly wrong. These are strange torments indeed, involving things I will not describe in detail except to say one that one of the games may best be described as “ten girls, no soup cup”.  Oh, and they still like to pee on each other a lot as a game of dominance. 

Despite the abuses, Mayumi holds her own, fights off most of the indignities, and even finds time to care about a fellow female prisoner (No, not in THAT way). The meek, quiet girl has also run afoul of the evil girl gang, and has plans for her that involve getting her released from prison only so she can be held prisoner forever by evil Yakuza pimps waiting for her on the outside. Mayumi finds this to be such a terrible travesty that she starts making plans to bring the whole system down, and all those who ever hurt her along with it.

While Mayumi is the only character to return here from her role in SEX HELL, this film is very much a retelling of the first film (if not all women’s prison movies), from the obligatory shower scene to the violent riot at the end. Where “True Story” really excels (as do most films of this Pink Cinema Series) is the fact that it shifts back and forth between vastly different moods with the blinding, disorientating spin of a butterfly knife. There are moments you may be aroused interrupted by moments where you may be disgusted interrupted by even more moments where you may even find yourself laughing. The sights and sounds of hot young Asian women in cruel human bondage have been ratcheted up for this sequel at the expense of the plot. Suffice it to say, to fully enjoy this film you must not expect anything resembling “normal” . Who only knows what will happen to Mayumi next when and if they release the third and final volume in the original series: THE NEW TRUE STORY OF WOMEN CONDEMNED TO HELL?

Extras include newly translated English Subtitles and still more of those ever-present liner notes from Japanese film scholar Jasper Sharp.

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