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Untold Story, The

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Don't Feed the Dead
Bat sin fan dim ji yan yuk cha siu bau
Release Date: 
Tai Seng
Aspect Ratio: 
Directed by: 
Danny Lee
Herman Yau
Anthony Wong
Emily Kwan
Danny Lee
Parkman Wong
Bottom Line: 

Hands down, the Untold Story is the nastiest film I have ever seen. Forget what you've experienced with films like Dead Alive, Bad Taste, Dawn of the Dead - any film up to this viewing. The Untold Story is a film based on a true story that occurred in Macau in the late 70's and the film pulls all stops to recant a tale of violence, rape and identity theft that I guarantee will leave your jaw dropped to the floor and a bitter taste in your mouth.

Wong Chi Hang flees Hong Kong after brutally murdering a man he was indebted to. Relocating to Macau, Wong assumes the role of owner of a restaurant when the previous owner and his family mysteriously disappear. Around the same time, a bag of body parts washes up on the shoreline and is discovered by a family scouring for scallops. The police now have a missing persons and brutal murder on their hands, but no suspects.

During a routine investigation on the missing persons, Officer Lee's homicide crew discover inconsistencies within Wong's story regarding the disappearance of the restaurant's previous owner. In an effort to mask the verbal screw up, Wong send the unit off with some of his delicious pork buns, which were stuffed with the meat of a former restaurant worker. The police dig into the buns in a scene reminiscent of the "lunch party" segment from Dead Alive. Satisfied that he was rid of a body and the cops, Wong goes about his business until he discovers that his hostess may have leaked some information to the police regarding the family's disappearance. Wong then brutally rapes the hostess and in the "end all" of scenes, viciously rams a fistful of chopsticks into her vaginal cavity.

Officer Lee, with the aid of forensic science and intuition finally figures out that Wong had murdered the family and illegally taken control of the restaurant. He pursues Wong until he finally grabs him as he tries to flee the country. Lee decides that until Wong is ready to confess his crimes, he will exact his own form of punishment by placing Wong in a cell with the former restaurant owner's violent brother. It is then that the Untold Story becomes extremely graphic and violent, as Wong tells his story to the police and is subjected to countless beatings at the hands of Cheng Poon, the violent brother.

Besides the intrigue of being based on a true story, the Untold Story is quite a film in and of itself. Anthony Wong puts on an unforgettable performance as the sociopathic Wong Chi Hang, offering up intense mental breakdowns and violent outbursts. The supporting cast offers up a goofy contrast to Wong's devious activities, adding a light hearted air to the film's grisly settings. As mentioned at the beginning of the review, the FX are the nastiest you will ever see, bringing forth anatomically correct disembowelments, brutal rape and beating scenes, child death and cannibalism.

Unfortunately, the DVD itself holds no other content except for the movie, a trailer and a slew of subtitle options. The film is in its original uncut form, which is a plus considering the amount of content censors like to leave on the cutting room floor. A bit of history to the story would have been a welcome extra, or even some cast interviews, but alas, we are left with nothing but a fantastic film.

Regardless of the disc's shortcomings, the Untold Story is an unforgettable masterpiece in Hong Kong filmmaking, crossing all censorable boundaries. It surpasses the craziness of Dead Alive, the brutality of Ebola Syndrome, and the manic antics of Evil Dead. The uncut R0 disc is available for under $20, so I suggest you pick up a copy and grab yourself a pork bun! Bon Appetite!

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