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Venture Brothers, The - Season 2

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Head Cheeze
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Christopher McCulloch
James Urbaniak
Patrick Warburton
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  Do you know how I know that The Venture Bros. is really, wickedly funny? My wife hates it, that’s how I know. It’s not that she doesn’t have a good sense of humor – I mean, she married me, didn’t she? Thing is that, while we do have a decent chunk of things in common, our senses of humor are quite different, and, for the most part, most of the things I think are funny she either considers stupid or insane or a equal measures of both. She hates Aqua Teen Hunger Force, she hates Sealab 2021, and she hates The Venture Bros.; therefore, it must be comic gold.
I was first introduced to the brothers Venture by a cackling Big McLargehuge, whose wife finds his sense of humor just as repulsive and annoying as my wife finds mine. He brought down the first season as part of our semi-annual movie night (which I almost always cancel at the last minute – usually while he’s standing outside my house) and the two of us both rolled about on the floor, grabbing our bellies and howling like maniacs. Things got even crazier when we finally turned on the DVD player.
It was here that the seeds of my love for all things Venture were sown, and, when Warner Bros. generously sent me a copy of Season Two for review, I literally shrieked with a girlish delight that sent shivers down the spine of my DHL deliveryman.
Season two opens with “Powerless in the Face of Death”, in which we see how “super genius” Dr. Venture and his bloodthirsty bodyguard, Brock Sampson, are getting along after the untimely passing of Hank and Dean Venture at the end of season one. While it seems as though the Doc and Brock are taking the loss in stride, neighbor and necromancer, Doctor Orpheus, is taking the loss especially hard, as he considers himself responsible for their deaths. It’s not long before we find out why Dr. Venture and Brock are so laid-back about the whole thing, as we find out that the accident-prone Hank and Dean are actually fourteenth generation clones of themselves, and a new batch of the twin brothers are brewing in the lab. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture’s nemesis, The Monarch, escapes from prison and attempts to put his evil organization back together.
By the time the next episode, “Hate Floats”, comes about, all of what has passed is conveniently disregarded (as often is the case with this series), and Team Venture crosses paths with The Monarch and his new henchmen (made up of hastily recruited street thugs) at a food court where he has followed his ex-girlfriend…err…Dr. Girlfriend – now the “property” of he of the invisible appendages, The Phantom Limb! The resulting fracas results in a mutiny on the part of the Monarch’s new henchmen, and a fragile alliance between Dr. Venture and his arch-enemy!
In “Love Bheits”, Team Venture, en route home from a costume party, finds themselves trapped in Underland, the lair of yet another Venture nemesis, Baron Underbheit. While Underbheit’s aim is to kill Dr. Venture, he finds himself obsessed with Venture’s “daughter” Dawn (aka; Dean, dressed as Princess Leia in her slave get-up from Return of the Jedi), and decides to make “her” queen of the Underland. Meanwhile, the Underland resistance, led by Catclops and Girl Hitler, free Dr. Venture, Brock, and Hank in hopes that they will liberate them from the Baron.
Those are just three of the fourteen episodes crammed into this awesome two-disc set, and I’m laughing too hard thinking about the other ones to write anymore. Seriously, this is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen, and, if you’re a devoted student of geek culture, you’ll be just as entertained, believe me.
Warner Bros. releases the set in a spiffily retro slipcase featuring the aforementioned 14 episodes, commentary tracks for each, deleted scenes, and much more. If you’re a fan of the show, you picked this up on April 17th and have already devoured much of it. If you’re not yet a fan, you will be, it’s that simple. Go. Buy. Love.
At the very least, it will get your wife out of the house. 

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