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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (Blu-ray)

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Head Cheeze
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Directed by: 
Joe Lynch
Erica Leershen
Henry Rollins
Texas Battle
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I have to admit that when I had received Wrong Turn 2: Dead End on DVD a long while back, it quickly found its way to the bottom of my “must watch” list. I’d come to the conclusion that the “backwoods mutant” genre had pretty much hit the saturation point, and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to yet another film cementing that opinion. In a pleasant turn of events, Wrong Turn 2 turned out to be the antithesis of the formulaic film I expected, with some seriously creative kills, laugh out loud funny moments, and enough blood and nudity to make this gorehound nearly weep with gratitude. Now the kills and thrills are back, this time in glorious HD, as Wrong Turn 2: Dead End makes the jump to Blu-ray.    
A group of wannabe reality TV stars converge upon the Appalachian woods to film a post-apocalyptic themed Survivor rip-off. The series’ host, ex-special forces soldier Colonel Dale Murphy (Rollins), excitedly explains the show’s ridiculously convoluted set of rules, and our contestants quickly go about the task of completing their first survival challenge. What they don’t realize, however, is that a very real threat lurks in the woods around them, as a family of mutants have already sized them up for dinner. As the contestants are picked off one by one, Dale, Nina (Blair Witch 2 hottie, Erica Leershen), and Jake are faced with the ultimate survival challenge; getting out of these woods alive.
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End is a very welcome surprise in that, unlike its predecessor, this is a film that holds its tongue firmly in cheek throughout, with over-the-top gore, squirm-inducing gross outs, and lots of laugh out loud funny moments (of the intentional variety). Director Joe Lynch heaps on liberal doses of grue and guffaws, making the somewhat clumsy screenplay, budgetary restraints, and cable access caliber performances by some of the cast members go down much easier, while the casting of Rollins as the Rambo-esque Murphy proves truly inspired.
Fox presents Wrong Turn 2: Dead End on Blu-ray with a decent 1080p transfer that is an upgrade over the DVD, but not a very substantial one. The level of detail is somewhat inconsistent, and the image, as a whole, looks quite flat and one dimensional. Image contrast is solid, and colors are accurate and vibrant.
The audio is somewhat disappointing as well, with a 5.1 DTS HD track that’s a bit flat and uninspired, lacking the punch lossless audio tracks are renowned for. Much of the action is relegated to the centers and sub, with sparse use of the surrounds. None of this really comes as much of a surprise, though, given Wrong Turn 2’s low-budget origins.
The extras on BD are carried over from the fairly well-stocked DVD and include a pair of commentary tracks, and a trio of short featurettes (all presented in 480p), including “The Making of Wrong Turn 2”, “Making Gore Look Good”, and “On Location with P-nut”.
Wrong Turn 2 isn’t a great film, but it’s one heck of an entertaining one, and light years better than a lot of the “serious horror” films that have come down the pike in recent years. It’s got blood, it’s got boobs, and it’s got a wicked sense of humor. Sadly, the Blu-ray offers only a minor improvement over the DVD, so those who already own the film shouldn’t consider this one a top priority while upgrading their library.

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