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Yoga for Lovers

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True Love Films
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Jim Powers
Riley Reid
Lea Lexis
Karmen Karma
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One has to only notice how tight fitting workout pants have become the ultimate modern statement of sexuality, fitness and fashion even and especially when worn as everyday couture to realize that there is something highly erotic and sexually pleasing about organized exercise discipline, especially Yoga with all its suggestive poses, animal grunts and exaggerated posturing that already resemble some of the more exotic positions from the Kama Sutra. From True Love films, comes a little pornographic foray into exercise disciplines that is anything but routine. Let us take a look at this week’s review of YOGA FOR LOVERS and see if it shows us a new type of body consciousness or at least a new meaning to “downward facing dog”.

The film is broken up into four separate workout routines set to soft new age instrumental music where a beautiful woman indulges in a series of basic stretches, disrobes and then is joined by a male “workout partner” who shows her an unexpected but somehow predictable way to soak a yoga mat at the conclusion of a scene.  As someone who watched his mother’s Kathy Smith VHS tapes for all the wrong reasons as an adolescent, I can say that this film is surreal, sexy and does provide a new experience even to jaded adult film reviewers such as myself who are only used to seeing one body part of a female porn star stretched to superhuman proportions.  To put it another way, the women in this video actually seem to take the yoga aspect seriously both before and during the scenes of penetration as some of the coitus contortions they perform, are simply amazing as the actresses writhe most lithely.  In fact, if it wasn’t for some of the strange piercings and omnipresent tattoos on the female performers you might actually be tricked now and then into believing that they were contortionists instead of porn stars, at least until the naked man (comes out/goes in) and the brooding soundtrack is quickly overdubbed with the usual sounds of sex and swearing you may expect from more utilitarian entries in adult film.

I think this product would be best enjoyed by heterosexual fitness buffs and their lovers or perhaps voyeuristically, by anyone who secretly wondered what type of bizarre “Stretch Armstrong” sex that their personal trainer must be having in their private life.  While the products back label claims that this product was designed in the name of educational, practical love making advice, there isn’t much instruction in the main film whatsoever. However, the special features section is chock full of non-sexual (fully nude) routines featuring each of the female performers (available with or without narration) so some of the more adventuresome viewers out there can see for themselves if they can keep up as well (as keep it up) for the duration of a scene. While I don’t think the educational value of this DVD is anywhere near as refined as one of the titles from the Sinclair Institute, admittedly the action is probably much hotter because of it.  Besides, if you ever shelled out any money for those bogus Carmen Electra “how to” sexy strip tease dance videos, you probably owe it to yourself to give this one a look. YOGA FOR LOVERS, it’s more inspirational than instructional, so please use some caution when attempting some of the more advanced routines…you don’t want to pull something, do you?   ;}

Extras include “solo routines” available with our without narration and a collection of trailers.

Special Thanks to True Love Films for this truly unique film, even if the premise is kind of a “stretch” for our usual genre.

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